Democ­ra­cy Under Threat: Where Is The Lib­er­al Media?

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Any­one whose mem­o­ry has not been washed clean can recall the lib­er­al media’s not-so-long-ago fre­quent warn­ings about threats to democ­ra­cy.
Hop in the time machine and take a brief trip into the not-so-long-ago head­lines from the lib­er­al media.
The New York Times, 2022: 

Democ­ra­cy Chal­lenged: A Look at the His­toric Test on Demo­c­ra­t­ic Norms

The New York Times, also 2022: 

DEMOCRACY CHALLENGED ‘A Cri­sis Com­ing’: The Twin Threats to Amer­i­can Democ­ra­cy

PBS, 2021: 

2 out of 3 Amer­i­cans believe U.S. democ­ra­cy is under threat 

The Wash­ing­ton Post colum­nist Jen­nifer Rubin in 2021: 

Democ­ra­cy is back­slid­ing across the globe. The U.S. is part of the prob­lem.

The Wash­ing­ton Post ana­lyst Dan Balz 2022: 

A year after Jan. 6, are the guardrails that pro­tect democ­ra­cy real or illu­so­ry? 

CNN, 2021: 

Yes, democ­ra­cy *real­ly* is in dan­ger 

One could go on-and on and on — with sim­i­lar head­lines from the main­stays of the lib­er­al media fret­ting about the sup­posed dan­gers to democ­ra­cy laid at the feet of …