MSNBC Host Tees Up Michael Cohen To Say He’ll Nev­er Get Peace So Long As Trump Is Alive!

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<div>MSNBC Host Tees Up Michael Cohen To Say He'll Never Get Peace So Long As Trump Is Alive!</div>

The lib­er­al media often accus­es for­mer Pres­i­dent Trump of endan­ger­ing the lives of his var­i­ous antag­o­nists with his crit­i­cisms of them. The notion was that a deranged sup­port­er might act out vio­lent­ly. So, it was shock­ing to hear Ali­cia Menen­dez, on Sat­ur­day’s edi­tion of MSNBC’s The Week­end, tee up Michael Cohen to say some­thing that could endan­ger the life of a for­mer pres­i­dent.
At the end of mul­ti­ple seg­ments in which he appeared, Menen­dez put it to Cohen:v“When you say you want peace, you say you’ll nev­er get peace so long as Don­ald Trump is here?”
Cohen agreed: “Yeah. I don’t believe I ever will.”
Menen­dez was para­phras­ing what Cohen said to Nicolle Wal­lace on Fri­day:

I want peace. You can’t have peace when Don­ald Trump is around, because one of the things he talks about in many of his b …