ABC’s Stephanopou­los Tries To Grill Trump’s Lawyer, Gets SHUT DOWN

ABC This Week host George Stephanopou­los, ever the Clin­ton oper­a­tive, attempt­ed to engage Trump defense attor­ney Will Scharf with an array of Demo­c­rat talk­ing points. At no point dur­ing this inter­view did it go well for him.
Watch Scharf shoot Stephanopou­los down on the issue of judi­cial recusal, as he goes for  cheap Thomas/Alito whataboutism on judi­cial recusal:

WILL SCHARF: This is a pros­e­cu­tion that should have nev­er been brought. This was a case tried in front of a judge who clear­ly should have recused. I think we have a lot of …