CIVIL? PBS Cues Dis­grun­tled Ex-Repub­li­can Joe Walsh to Slam ‘Far Right Gun-Lov­ing Kook’

<div>CIVIL? PBS Cues Disgruntled Ex-Republican Joe Walsh to Slam 'Far Right Gun-Loving Kook'</div>

Tax­pay­er-fund­ed PBS is just like CNN or MSNBC as it paints the Repub­li­cans as falling off a “far-right” cliff, while the Democ­rats have no “far left” extreme.
The tax­pay­er-fund­ed PBS New­sHour appar­ent­ly thought that polit­i­cal chameleon dis­grun­tled for­mer Repub­li­can Joe Walsh was the best guest to dis­cuss the trend as the for­mer Illi­nois con­gress­man was giv­en an unchal­lenged forum to bash his for­mer par­ty.
And, between Lopez and host Amna Nawaz, Repub­li­cans had been labeled as some form of extreme four times, with Walsh also throw­ing in a few such labels as well. Nawaz set up the seg­ment: “A con­gres­sion­al pri­ma­ry elec­tion in Texas is get­ting nation­al atten­tion for what it could mean for the future of the Repub­li­can par­ty and for oth­er incum­bents fac­ing far-right chal­lengers. Lau­ra Bar­ron Lopez has more.”

Dis­cussing the close pri­ma­ry elec­tion win for mod­er­ate Con­gress­man Tony Gon­za­les (R‑TX), Lopez began:

That’s right, Amna. Like past recent elec­tion cycles, more extreme far-right can­di­dates are run­ning up and down the bal­lot this ye …