‘Meet the Press’ Has ONE Decent Hunter Biden Ques­tion, Jef­fries Has Ludi­crous Answer

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<div>'Meet the Press' Has ONE Decent Hunter Biden Question, Jeffries Has Ludicrous Answer</div>

On Sun­day’s Meet the Press, after a typ­i­cal­ly con­tentious, extreme­ly inter­rupt-ious inter­view with a Repub­li­can — in this case, Sen. Tom Cot­ton (R‑Ark.) — sub­sti­tute host Peter Alexan­der inter­viewed House Demo­c­ra­t­ic leader Hakeem Jef­fries (D‑N.Y.) about the Trump tri­al, and then there was a sin­gle ques­tion on the Hunter Biden tri­al.
Jef­fries claimed that it was okay for Pres­i­dent Biden to pro­claim “my son has done noth­ing wrong,” which is laugh­ably false. 
It was the usu­al “lov­ing father” defense, as if that excus­es the lying, just as Joe Biden claims he nev­er dis­cussed busi­ness with Hunter, which is also pre­pos­ter­ous and a proven Pants on Fire lie. At least Alexan­der puts a lit­tle spin on the ball with a quote from The Wall Street Jour­nal edi­to­r­i­al page: 

PETER ALEXANDER: Sir, let me ask you about anoth­er ques­tion that we’ll be watch­ing and will make head­lines this week. Hunter Biden, …