The Atlantic Jus­ti­fied ‘Degrowth Com­mu­nism’ to Fight Cli­mate Change … Yes, You Read That Right

The Atlantic Justified ‘Degrowth Communism’ to Fight Climate Change … Yes, You Read That Right

Left­ist out­lets like The Atlantic seem to have a bad habit of yank­ing the most insane polit­i­cal ideas out of the ether to make them sound less nut­ty than they are. Its recent treat­ment of “degrowth com­mu­nism” to fight cli­mate change is no excep­tion.
“Is Amer­i­ca Ready for ‘Degrowth Com­mu­nism,’” read the magazine’s head-turn­ing May 28 arti­cle. The author, Atlantic writ­ing fel­low Christo­pher Beam, tried to soft­en the expect­ed blow­back from such an off-the-wall idea being pop­u­lar­ized by left­ist Japan­ese philoso­pher Kohei Saito. Saito “knows he sounds like a mad­man,” Beam wrote. “That’s kind …