Civ­il War 2? CBS’s Kop­pel Warns of Con­se­quences of Anoth­er Trump Loss

Civil War 2? CBS’s Koppel Warns of Consequences of Another Trump Loss

On CBS News Sun­day Morn­ing, Ted Kop­pel vis­it­ed the Civ­il War bat­tle­field of Get­tys­burg and urged Trump crit­ics to “con­sid­er the con­se­quences of anoth­er Trump defeat” rather than only fear­ing his win. He com­pared the cel­e­bra­tions fol­low­ing Fort Sumter being sur­ren­dered to Trump ral­lies and not-so sub­tly sug­gest­ed anoth­er civ­il war was on the hori­zon.
Seem­ing­ly walk­ing back some of the media’s hyper­bole, Kop­pel described Jan­u­ary 6 as a “mini insur­rec­tion” and not­ed there has nev­er been one that was “ …