Nets Defends Fau­ci From GOP in ‘Emo­tion­al’, ‘Fiery’, ‘Testy’ Hear­ing on COVID-19

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ABC, CBS, and NBC were not only exhaust­ing air­time fawn­ing over and spin­ning for Hunter Biden as his first crim­i­nal tri­al got under­way, but also ral­ly­ing around Dr. Tony Fau­ci on Mon­day night and Tues­day morn­ing over the “con­tentious”, “heat­ed” and “hos­tile” House hear­ing he endured on the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic response that left him “defi­ant” yet “emo­tion­al” over “the threats” posed by crit­ics.
Like with their defens­es of Hunter and eager­ness toward the Trump tri­al, ABC was the most defen­sive of Fau­ci. On Monday’s World News Tonight, anchor David …