Scar­bor­ough Declares Evan­gel­i­cal Leader Guilty of ‘Blas­phe­my’ For Sup­port of Trump

<div>Scarborough Declares Evangelical Leader Guilty of 'Blasphemy' For Support of Trump</div>

On today’s Morn­ing Joe, Defend­er of the Faith Joe Scar­bor­ough ruled that an evan­gel­i­cal leader who expressed his sup­port for Trump was guilty of “deprav­i­ty,” and “straight-out blas­phe­my.” 
What a dis­play of reli­gious illit­er­a­cy. Scar­bor­ough was out­raged that the pas­tor had point­ed out that, like Trump, Jesus had been con­vict­ed of crimes, and yet Chris­tians wor­ship Jesus. Blas­phe­my would be say­ing Trump is Christ, not that he’s per­se­cut­ed like Christ.
Nod­ding along like Scar­bor­ough’s own Ed McMa­hon-style side­kick, Willie Geist agreed: “There used to be a word for that: blas­phe­my.”
Scar­bor­ough did­n’t spec­i­fy the pun­ish­ment to be doled out to the pas­tor whom he con­demned for blas­phe­my. Per­haps Joe will take inspi­ra­tion from his­to­ry: we’re just a few days past the anniver­sary of Joan of Arc, con­demned as a heretic, hav­ing been burned at the stake.