McConnell suc­ces­sor hope­ful Rick Scott slams minor­i­ty leader for cav­ing to Democ­rats

McConnell successor hopeful Rick Scott slams minority leader for caving to Democrats

Sen. Rick Scott (R‑FL), who has put him­self in the run­ning to replace Sen­ate Minor­i­ty Leader Mitch McConnell (R‑KY), attacked the GOP grandee on Fri­day for “cav­ing to Democ­rats.”
“We have Repub­li­cans in the Sen­ate that are cav­ing to Democ­rats for all sorts of hor­ri­ble bills. Now, remem­ber this so-called infra­struc­ture bill?” Scott asked a crowd dur­ing an event at the People’s Con­ven­tion in Detroit. “That required Repub­li­can votes. Guess who gave it to them? Mitch McConnell.”
McConnell announced ear­li­er this year that he is pass­ing the baton as Sen­ate GOP leader. Scott told the Turn­ing Point USA-orga­nized event that fresh lead­er­ship is need­ed to take the Repub­li­can Par­ty for­ward. 
“We are chang­ing the Sen­ate. And I’m run­ning again. … There will be a lead­er­ship race, and we are going to win,” Scott pro­claimed at the Detroit con­fer­ence. For­mer Pres­i­dent Dona …