Agarthans – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics ↫ 

The Agarthans are indistinguishable from Earth humans except for one point: they are much taller, according to accounts of encounters with the Agarthans, some individuals can reach heights of fifteen feet or more, making them significantly taller than the average human. 

Legends surrounding the Agarthans often describe them as highly spiritual and enlightened people, with a deep connection to the Earth and its energies.

 Universal Origin ↫ 

Agarthans interior Earth inhabitants

Agarthans are interior Earth inhabitants and are a
highly advanced society comprised of ancient Lemurians and Atlantians that
went underground forewarned of the destruction of their surface

They chose to isolate and evolve in tranquility and peace, the
Agarthan Network is a unified governing council made up of ancient elders
and councils. 

Agartha’s capital city is Telos, located beneath Mount Shasta
in Northern California and a
nother major city in its culture is Catharia.

 Belief System ↫ 

Agarthans and the Melchizedek Order

Being a spiritually elevated society, Agarthans believe in the
Cosmic Law of One and they are students of the Angelic Hierarchy and the
Melchizedek Order. 

The Angelic Hierarchy is comprised of various
classifications of angels and their universal duties. 

The Melchizedek Order
is the universe’s spiritual university of the most advanced. 

There are 490
planets that stretch across outer space a magnificent city of spheres and each
world teaches a different subject to cosmic students. 

When students finish
their planetary schooling on Earth, for instance, their souls will return to
Melchizedek for further education. Then it’s off to another world, another
adventure, which will satiate what the soul craves to learn. 

The Angelic
Hierarchy and Melchizedek Order are Divine Administrations, the inner Earth civilizations say every planet is hollow and advanced
civilizations live in the interior of those worlds and they also say the sun is
hollow too.

 Mikos and the Library of Porthologos ↫ 

Mikos multidimensional guardian and the Library of Porthologos

Mikos, a fifteen-foot-tall man, is the guardian of the multidimensional,
456-square-mile Library of Porthologos in the city of Catharia, located
in the center of the hollow Earth, beneath the Aegean Sea. 

 The steps
leading up into the library are white alabaster embedded with crystals
and diamonds. These gemstones are a staple in architecture in
Catharia, as the spiritual properties in them add energy and life to the
atmosphere and the people’s auras. 

This library not only holds the entire history of the Earth, but of the
universe as well. Records are stored on crystal slides or telonium plates, an ancient indestructible metal, and can be viewed on an
advanced crystal projection system either on a small holographic
screen or in a mini theater. 

Agarthans and cosmic citizens may review
the records, and once the people on the surface have become fully
conscious, they too will have access to the library.
There are portals within the library, a way station of sorts, for
travelers across the galaxies to come and go. 

One’s DNA, already
coded as a fully conscious being, is the only ticket required for
entrance. Earth’s surface dwellers can visit by calling on Mikos before
they go to sleep and ask for a tour in their astral body.

 Cosmic Agenda ↫ 

Agarthans Civilization Cosmic Agenda

Telos is just one of 120 subterranean cities whose unified
mission is to help us realize our fully conscious selves and ascend, at that
time, all the above and below civilizations will become one United Earth. 

The Agarthans also want us to know that a multitude of beings from cultures
across the universe are here to assist us in raising our consciousness, so that
we too will become members of universal society and know the splendor of

Agarthans are members of the Galacterian Alignment of Space Peoples
and Planets, a universal alliance that works for the betterment of all

 Technology ↫ 

Inner Earth Agartha Entrance

Agarthans’ silver fleets are discus-shaped craft that venture
out into Earth’s atmosphere to survey the world using an amino-based
organic computer system classified as conscious entities at the avatar level.
These biological computers are linked throughout the solar systems in our
galaxy and the Agarthan Network. 

The readouts are fed to their entire fleet,
those in command of Earth operations, as well as the Galacterian Alignment
for processing and consultation.
At the North and South Poles, openings are protected from unwanted
visitors by a magnetic force field and camouflaged with cloud covering. 

openings are so wide, Agarthans’ largest motherships are able to glide into
Earth’s interior with grace and ease. 

Their spaceports are just inside the polar openings and are spread out for
miles and miles, and celestial gardeners have created a virtual paradise using
circular designs interspersed with flowers, grasses, bushes, trees, ponds, and

 Electromagnetic vehicles are used for travel within cities, electromagnetic bullet trains connect underground cities to one another and all
vehicles levitate a few inches off the ground. 

The subways and city walls have a built-in elasticity that is sturdy enough to hold up against the strongest earthquake, besides the natural central sun that emanates from the core of the Earth,
Agarthans use free energy to light their cities, homes, and tunnels. 

To create
natural sunlight in cities where the central sun is not available, they couple
crystals with electromagnetism to generate a small sun and this full spectrum of
lighting delivers an abundance of power. 

 Consciousness Abilities ↫ 

The Agarthans Consciousness Abilities and the language of light

Agarthans are fully conscious, sovereign and
telepathic beings, they also speak the language of light, a language that is said to be composed of symbols and vibrations that are beyond the capacity of human language. 

They are of unity
consciousness and have a powerful saying: “Harmony restores the flow of

Their teachings serve as a reminder of the importance of living in harmony with ourselves, others, and the environment.

 Dimensional Capacity ↫ 

Agarthan Network Dimensional Capacity

The Agarthan Network councils say Earth will
move directly into the fifth dimension because the fourth will no longer
exist, as it is being removed by the Angelic Corps as a part of our
accelerated ascension plan.

They believe that this transition will require humanity to let go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our evolution, and to embrace a new way of being that is based on love, unity, and compassion.

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