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Altarians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics ↫ 

Altarians are indistinguishable from Earth
humans, though they are taller: Men are six to nine feet. Women are five
foot nine to seven feet. 

Altarians are a beautiful race, men have toned,
muscular bodies, and women are voluptuous. 

Although most are light-skinned, some Altarian’s skin tones range from blue, green, tan, and brown,
to a variety of other hues, from breeding with other human races. 

The skin
tone spectrum is a natural occurrence within star nations. 
Altarians also study the colors of suns and stars in planetary systems to
understand how the frequency of light denotes our different skin

 Universal Origin ↫ 


Altarians are from the Aquila constellation. Inhabitable
worlds in their immediate vicinity are home to other humanoids, reptilians,
and Greys. Altarians are great cohabiters with other races. 

 Belief System ↫ 

Law of One

Altarians are a very intelligent, wise, and learned race, and
they follow the Cosmic Law of One. 

They study science and natural
philosophy. It is in their nature to analyze fundamental questions about
creation, to study other human societies from across the universe, and note
the similarities and differences due to culture and environment. 

Altarians believe that the universe is a symphony and we are its
instruments. As we learn from planet to planet, raising our octave, our
frequency, our soul’s song, that in divine time, we will ultimately master the
whole composition.

 Cosmic Agenda ↫ 

Cosmic teachers Altarians

Altarians are members of the Galacterian Alignment and
participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program. The Altarians will
become our cosmic teachers once we are a fully conscious race.

In the fifties, Altarians reached out to US government officials and asked
them to disclose their existence and of life in the universe. The government

 Technology ↫ 

Altarians motherships

Altarians have Galacterian motherships, starships, thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All their craft and command centers use
biological supercomputers. 

All craft are able to travel through time-space
funnels and the inner-space continuum. 

Their home world’s modes of transportation are teleportation portals
designed for one or groups of any size. They also have sky buses that run on
magnetic currents. 

 Consciousness Abilities ↫ 

Altarian Astral Travel

Altarians are fully conscious and sovereign
beings. They are sympathetic telepaths, they feel a profound depth of others’ soul history and recognize the beauty of it. 

Altarians explore the cosmos and dimensional layers by astral traveling in
groups. It leads them to territories in their own dimension they wish to study
and explore.

 Dimensional Capacity ↫ 

Multi dimensional UFO

Altarians have multi-realm commandership. They
are able to reassemble their physical bodies or any matter from one location
to another through a molecular stimulation of light codes. 

They can sweep
an entire civilization from the ground up into a mothership in less than a
Some Altarians come to our space-time from the future. 

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