Andromedans – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics 

Andromedans are blue hairless humans with
three classifications: female, male, and androgynous. 

Females are five-six to
six feet, males are five-nine to six-six, and androgynous beings are in the height
range of the males and females. 

Andromedans are a beautiful classification
of beings their hearts actually feel like heavenly stars are alive within every
chamber, magnetizing all they come in contact with to experience true

 Universal Origin 

The Andromedans from Andromeda star system

Andromedans are so named because they come from the
Andromeda star system. 

The Andromedans are believed to have developed advanced technology and even possess interstellar travel capabilities. 
They are thought to be highly advanced in terms of their understanding of science and technology as well as their knowledge about space exploration. 
The system is located in the constellation of Andromeda and consists of two stars, Alpha and Beta Andromedae. It is one of the nearest star systems to our own Solar System.

 Belief System 

Beta Andromedae and Belief System of Andromedans

Andromedans believe in the Cosmic Law of One. 
As a
member of the Galacterian Alignment, Andromedans are at the pinnacle of
unconditional love and council the star nations. 

The twenty-four elders of
the throne are located in the great city of Beta Andromedae in Andromeda. 

Master teachers and constellation fathers from every star nation are
counseled by them to mend problems under their outer space jurisdiction.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Melchizedek Star Seed Program Andromedans

Andromedans endeavor to embrace all life with grace,
dignity, and love to share cosmic knowledge and wisdom and to assist
souls ready to advance into the grandeur and tiers of the universal

Their culture embraces all classes of master teachers either
attained through ascension or created status.
Andromedans participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program. 

Earth makes the dimensional shift into full consciousness, they, as well as
other Galacterians, will become our cosmic teachers, our supreme mentors
of knowledge and wisdom. 
They are sought after because of their diplomacy
with all worlds.


Andromedans Merkabah vehicles Technology

Andromedans have Galacterian motherships, star ships, thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. 
All their craft and command
centers use biological supercomputers and 
are able to travel through
time-space funnels and the inner-space continuum. 

Andromedans have
galactic command centers stationed above and below the Earth and t
he ancient masters of their civilization travel in Merkabah vehicles. 

They create a transport around themselves to either travel short distances or
enter star towers (space portals) to journey to other sectors of the universe. 

The latter takes place in their great city of Beta Andromadae. 

 Consciousness Abilities 

Consciousness Abilities of Andromedans Human Extraterrestrial Race

Andromedans speak the light essence language, are fully conscious and sovereign
beings, and are one of the most spiritually advanced races in our universe. 

They are also capable of holographic
telepathy: using the third eye as a projector to screen their personal story for
others to watch in 5D technology, a depth perception so real, it has to be
seen to be believed.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Dimensional Capacity Andromedans Human Extraterrestrial Race

This race has multi-realm commandership. 

They are
able to reassemble their physical bodies or any matter from one location to
another through a molecular stimulation of light codes. 

They can sweep an
entire civilization from the ground up into a mothership in less than a

Some Andromedan races come to our space-time from the future.

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