Angelic Corps – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics 

The Angelic Corps is a multiplicity of
universally created beings whose physical appearances mirror cultures from
across the universe. 

They are powerful warriors with supernatural abilities, and they have been entrusted with defending the world from evil forces.

 Universal Origin 

Isle of Paradise - Angelic Corps
The Angelic Corps is from the Isle of Paradise, located
in the center of all creation. 

It is believed to be the center of all creation, and it is home to the elite group of angelic warriors known as the Angelic Corps.

 Belief System 

Source of All Existence - Angelic Corps
Angels of all classes work for the Source of All Existence,
for the Invisible Architect of Creation, for God, no matter what your belief

Every being was given a body to perform right action to expand their
spark from the formless to form. Seraphim, for instance, guide man along
the pathway of experiential life to increase soul growth, to ultimately
transverse and ascend from learning planet to learning planet. 

angelic guidance is a brave feat for the student, as it means life will be
without ease. But to choose to climb a steep mountain with the lesson at
hand, and then reaching the mountain top, is gratifying for the soul.
Confidence is built and spiritual rewards are plentiful. 

Mortals are also
assigned guardian angels, who oversee the oversoul’s journey and assist
from the unseen realms. Ministering angels minister daily to the individual
from behind the veil.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Galacterian - Angelic Corps
The Angelic Corps maintains the calibration and Living
Light across the universe and also assists its creatures by delivering
curriculums of Living Light to worlds ready to rise up and out of duality. 

The Angelic Corps oversees the Galacterian Alignment. 

They labor in
unison with the University of Melchizedek in the Mira System, the realm
where Living Light programs are dispersed.


Spiritual Technology - Angelic Corps

The Angelic Corps are the architects of advanced spiritual
technology and incorporate them into worlds ready for an upgrade. 

They have access to powerful technologies and resources, including powerful weapons and tools for healing.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Angelic Corps - Paradise Sons - Light Essence Language
The Angelic Corps speaks the light essence
language. Angels (created beings) have full divine power and will. They can
think anything into existence, teleport anywhere, heal with a thought, bring
back the dead with a touch, and send a telepathic or holographic message
across the superuniverses. 

Their divinity, their power, and their
unconditional love are limitless.
Created beings are not born of man and woman but created from the
godhead. They do not have belly buttons. Paradise Sons such as Archangel
Michael and other archangels, angels, gods, and goddesses, all fall under
this category. 

Some created beings are created as adults, while others are
created as infants and assigned to dedicated, celestial parents to rear. It takes
special parents to raise a created being. The children’s advanced
consciousness and power require proper development and nurturing.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Multiple Dimensions Capacity
The Angelic Corps, dependent on their
classification, can enter multiple dimensions, universes, or super-universes. 

Their mission is to protect all living creatures in all universes by using their dimensional capacity, knowledge, and power.

Once they are assigned to a specific universe, they will stay until their
mission is complete, although they may travel through space and time to
gather information relevant to their tasks.

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