Antarians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

  Physical Characteristics 

Antarians are indistinguishable from Earth
humans, though they are a bit taller. Women are six feet to seven five, and
men are seven to nine feet. 

Their skin tone ranges from white to olive,
brown, or a unique copper color. They are a fit race and quite attractive.

 Universal Origin 

Scorpius Constellation - Antares
Antarians hail from Antares, or Alpha Scorpii, the bright
red star marking the scorpion’s heart in the Scorpius constellation.

 Belief System 

Antarians Cosmic Law of One
Antarians follow the Cosmic Law of One. They believe we
are mirrors of each other, and therefore they treat all they come in contact
with in honor, respect, and love. 

Their ability to experience and peer into the
window of every soul, to understand their soul history, is humbling to them.
They believe the universe is our master teacher and we are its students that
our consciousness will ultimately become identical to the universe and
merge with it. 

But while they/we elevate up through the dimensions,
they/we become the master teachers to younger races. There is no threshold
in learning every being in constantly evolving.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Melchizedek Star Seed Program
Antarians are part of the Galacterian Alignment and
participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program, which is currently
focused on raising consciousness on Earth and preparing for a dimensional

Once Earth beings are fully conscious, they, as well as other
Galacterians, will become our cosmic teachers. 

The Antarians assist from a higher realm, the elevated dimensions—their
home, stepping down their energy to interact with humans about life

They assist star seeds in their spiritual development through
dream states, downloads into consciousness, and astral visitation.


Galacterian Motherships and Frequencies
Antarians have access to Galacterian motherships, starships, thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All their craft and command
centers use biological supercomputers. All craft are able to travel through
time-space funnels and the inner-space continuum. 

Antarians, like other star nations, have access to the universes’ creational
codes. These principles are incorporated into general Galacterian Alignment

Star nations tweak the tech based on their collective preference.
The Antarians, for instance, incorporate the healing properties in light,
tuning its frequency, sound, and color to higher realms, and illuminating the
silver metallic walls of their craft with it. 

The walls are interactive and
connect to the ship’s brain. 

All an Antarian has to do is connect their
thoughts to it and create whatever their desire is at will. From food to
clothes to travel within the ship and across the universal divides, Antarian
space vessels create a transcendental experience.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Antarians Higher Spiritual Realms
Antarians are fully conscious, sovereign, and
telepathic beings. Living in the higher realms, some Antarians are light
beings or are a blend of spirit and physicality. 

They are able to seamlessly
interact between densities. 

Antarians assist star seeds with diseased areas in the body, mental
overloads, and belief system collapses as spiritual elevation increases. 

focus light through their third eye and can heal instantly through mental

 Dimensional Capacity 

Antarians Astral Travel and Multi Realms of Space time
Multirealm commandership. Antarians are able to
reassemble their physical bodies or any matter from one location to another
through a molecular stimulation of light codes. 

They can sweep an entire
civilization from the ground up into a mothership in less than a second. 

Some Antarians come to our space-time from the future they astral travel
to visit star seeds on Earth in the third dimension.

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