Apunians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics 

Apunians are an attractive, Nordic-looking race
and are basically indistinguishable from Earth humans except they are taller.
Females are six foot five to nine feet. Males are six foot nine to twelve feet.

 Universal Origin 

Quechua People, Incas, Apunians Alpha Centauri
Apunians hail from Alpha Centauri, one of the brightest
stars in the southern sky, which is in the Centaurus constellation. 

The first
reports of these human extraterrestrials were in the Peruvian Andes in the
early fifties. 

The inhabitants of the Andes, the Quechua people, came in
contact with the Alpha Centaurians and named them Apunians in honor of
the mountains. 

Apu in Quechua means “Lord, protector, and spirit of the

 Belief System 

Apunians Belief System
Apunians follow the Cosmic Law of One. 

They are aware of
the higher self/oversoul, and of the transcendental reality that unifies the
whole of Creation. 

Apunians say that there are 1,019,000 civilizations in the

 Cosmic Agenda 

Apunians Cosmic Agenda
They are masters at transforming negative energy. 

embrace complete service to the citizens of all worlds and consider
themselves brothers and sisters to all. 

They are protectors of younger races
and respectful of all life and care for all sentient life equally. These words
are not a part of their vocabulary: advantage, favoritism, preferences,

The Apunians feel a deep connection to assist us in raising our
vibration into a higher consciousness, as they have merged their own
consciousness with their higher self, to ultimately gain full access into
universally awake and aware consciousness. 

They have been visiting our
world for a very long time, choosing heart-based contactees to spread the
word of their existence and message of brotherly love.

Apunians assist the poor regions in Peru by healing their sick and making
it rain for their crops, among other humanitarian deeds. 

Apunian contactee
and author Ricardo Gonzalez clarifies that they don’t overstep, though,
saying, “The extraterrestrials may support us, but they will never solve our
problems. The real contact is with ourselves.”


Apunians Galacterian starships, bird mothership and multidimensional light portal

Apunians have an impressive assortment of Galacterian
motherships, starships, thought-ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All their
craft and command centers use biological supercomputers. Other ships are
shaped like winged birds, butterflies, cylinders, pears, and clover leafs. 

Their display screens can go backward and forward in time, projecting the
historical past of any planet or person who stands before the screen,
including images of a person’s thoughts.
Apunians can contact other worlds through an artificially created spacetime bubble they call a Xendra. 

The Xendra is where their physical reality
and our physical reality converge to meet and converse. Think of it as a halforbed light portal above ground between two worlds.
Apunians move around on their planet through a levitation apparatus
connected to their belt, ankles, and wrists. 

The device is teeming with
positive ions, and when in use their weight condenses, allowing them to
move at the required speed. They can zip across the air, stop on a dime,
move horizontally or vertically, elevate or descend.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Apunians telepathy harmony and health
Apunians are fully conscious, sovereign, and
telepathic beings.
They can heal the sick by condensing the smallest particle between the
void and the material, and then regenerate the cells to perfect harmony and

They have attained near-perfect immortality by possessing the
knowledge of deconstructing the atom to its smallest parts, and having
command of positive ions. They protect and enhance all cellular life
whenever permissible and possible.
Apunians have the innate ability to control nature. 

They are also
telekinetic, able to move objects with the power of their mind. They are
levitation experts when building their cities.
One of their greatest traits that they hold dear is that they transfer love to
one another daily, reinforcing the human bond, ensuring happiness for the
entire population.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Apunians multidimensional beings

Apunians are multidimensional beings. 

They are
able to reassemble their physical bodies or any matter from one location to
another through a molecular stimulation of light codes. 

Some Alpha Centauri races, like the Apunians, come to our space-time
from the future.

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