Arcturians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

  Physical Characteristics 

Male and female Arcturians appear somewhat
uniform, with slight variations in features, and heights from ten to twelve
feet. Their bodies are thin, with lanky arms and legs. 

When they walk, they
glide with elegance. Their skin is either blue or milk-white. They have large
craniums with small noses and mouths. 

Arcturians in higher density forms
are that of light and consciousness. Depending on what density they are
from, their appearance alters. The higher the density, the more they become

Their large, almond-shaped eyes are human in appearance and run the
color spectrum. 

They have a pair of nictitating blue lenses that can cover the
whole eye, which act as a light filter and protective barrier, like sunglasses.

 Universal Origin 

Arcturus, constellation bootes
Arcturians come from Arcturus, a red giant star in the
northern hemisphere of Earth’s sky and the brightest star in the constellation
Boötes (the herdsman).

 Belief System 

Arcturians Cosmic Law of One
Arcturians believe in the Cosmic Law of One. They serve all universal kinds as stewards of love and light, of right use of will, of merging
dualistic natures to inner peace. 

They share with willing civilizations how to
integrate their forward-thinking, proven belief systems and emotional
stability to resolve conflicts. 

Edgar Cayce said that Arcturus is one of the
most advanced civilizations in the galaxy. 

Arcturians serve as the Supreme
Creative Force and protect the sacredness of life throughout creation.

are governed by a council of elders.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Arcturians Ascension and higher-dimensional experience
Arcturians are part of the Galacterian Alignment and
participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program.

 Arcturian star seeds on
Earth use holographic healing to assist in creating templates for fifth-dimensional and higher-dimensional experience and ascension. 

They assist
in attuning the heart and mind back to a natural resonance frequency of
light, which also helps ease ascension symptoms.

Arcturians have galactic command centers stationed above and below the
Earth. They work closely with all brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light, and
the galactic commands within the Galacterian Alignment. 

They are
guardians of advanced consciousness in this universal theater and grant all
creatures access to their knowledge and wisdom. 

They are successful diplomats between star nations and have a serene,
calming effect when speaking and/or visualizing imagery to reveal how both
points of view will be able to cohabitate peacefully. 

After suggestions are
made to mend wounds, the Arcturians bring to light future visions of a
harmonious outcome, which is seen and felt deeply by both parties and is
the catalyst for them to make amends. 

Arcturian supreme healers are known
as the heart of the cosmos for their philanthropy.

JJ Hurtak, in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, describes
Arcturus as a midway station (a programming center) used by the physical
brotherhoods of light to oversee the many sets of experiments with “physical
beings.” They are the designers of some of the crop circles on Earth,
encoding new frequencies into the planet and in her creatures.


Arcturians Galacterian Technology
Arcturians use Galacterian motherships, starships, thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All craft are able to travel through time-space funnels and the inner-space continuum. 

Their technological advancements are due to advanced frequencies
derived from supreme spiritual elevation. Although they use Galacterian
craft, all-star nations have variations of the technology. 

Arcturian starships and
saucer craft are unique, as they are fueled by light, sacred geometry, and
crystalline energy powered by the central sun. 

Their geometrical
navigational calculations are what move them through space and time and
other realities. 

They are master sound and celestial healers and sacred
geometry experts and are versed in color therapy as well.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Arcturians Light Essence Language
Arcturians are fully conscious and sovereign

They use the light essence language. 

They are holographic and
sympathetic telepaths and are able to access coagular wave bending to send
messages across the universe or to another, or through time streams, unlike
the regular limitations of telepathic distances. 

They possess the power of
telekinesis, some come to our space-time from the future.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Arcturians sixth-dimensional beings

Arcturian fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings
primarily work with Earth’s consciousness-raising programs. 

They interact
with light beings of their own race in the elevated dimensions and other star
nations’ collective consciousnesses from the ninth and tenth dimensions. 

Arcturians have multi-realm commandership. They are able to reassemble
their physical bodies or any matter from one location to another through a
molecular stimulation of light codes. 

They can sweep an entire civilization
from the ground up into a mothership in less than a second.

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