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Arians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

  Physical Characteristics 

Arians are indistinguishable from Asian races on
Earth. Women and men are slender and stand from five foot nine to six foot

Their faces are oval-shaped with attractive features and framed by
lustrous, black hair. 

Their eyes are usually brown or black and skin tones
range from golden to yellow to tan. 

Their life spans are over four thousand

There is another Asian race, called the Gne, from planet Pall, in a
neighboring system that is a part of their crew. 

The only difference in
appearance is they have small, bud-shaped noses.

 Universal Origin 

Aldebaran system and Taurus Constellation
Arians come from the planet Arian, located in the
Aldebaran system in the Taurus constellation.

This system is based on the idea that Aldebaran is the source of all life and its energy radiates throughout the universe, connecting us all.

 Belief System 

Arians Belief System and advanced consciousness awareness
Arians believe in the Cosmic Law of One. 

They believe all
souls are comprised of the primordial cell, and because of this all are one
and the same.

 Their advanced consciousness allows them awareness of the
universe’s invisible and visible realms.

 They thrive on working with other
races collectively, enjoying the bonds of universal brotherhood.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Arians Cosmic Agenda and Explorers of the Galaxies
Arians are explorers of the galaxies, and their members
include anthropologists, psychologists, biologists, geneticists, and gene

They are experts of intergalactic languages spoken word or

They study men and women from various civilizations across the
universe and collect genetic materials. 

When they come in contact with
younger civilizations, such as Earth, they share their civilization’s history
when they were at war with other worlds, and how they overcame their

They warred for so long, and there was such a loss of life, that
after countless years both sides came to realize how useless war was. 

stopped manufacturing weapons and came together. They evolved, explored
space, met their planetary neighbors, and built a cosmic community.

On worlds in conflict, an emergency Melchizedek son is dispersed to be an
intermediary between both sides. 

These sons function on many diverse
levels of the universe, in this and other dimensional layers. 

They are able to
do the impossible. 

One might think they are the very breath of God when in
their presence.


Arian Human Extraterrestrial Race Technology
The Arian fleet craft uses two fusion engines that operate in a
vacuum, allowing them to travel through the antimatter universe. 

It takes
two weeks to warm up their far-futuristic engines when they have been
sitting for a time. 

Their elongated motherships are based on Galacterian
technology and have extending appendages in the front, middle, and back. 

From tip to stern, the craft spans about 2,691 feet. They have eleven other
races onboard their mothership from Aldebaran or neighboring systems. 

Being language specialists, they have a translator box for every galactic
language they have come across. 

Arian healing machines are able to separate the physical and spiritual
bodies, and then slice the pertinent elements for viewing. 

Once the source of
a disease is isolated, colors and sounds are then employed for instant

They are able to grow replacement limbs that function like natural limbs
by using the patient’s own DNA. 

They’re also genetically engineering new animal species that have a
symbiotic relationship with the environment they are placed in.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Arians Consciousness Abilities
Arians are fully conscious and sovereign beings. 

Their telepathic headgear amplifies brain frequencies 100,000 times to open
channels of communication to the biological supercomputer onboard their

 Dimensional Capacity 

Arians multi-dimensional beings universe travelers
Arians are multi-dimensional. 

They use the
antimatter universe for travel, cutting travel time to a minimum.

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