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Bama Rush Drama Highlights the Trans Trend of Males Infiltrating Women’s Spaces

Alabama Rush Tok has become an internet sensation as young women participating in University of Alabama sorority recruitment share their experiences online. Every year, thousands of young women at the University of Alabama, and universities nationwide, go through an extensive process where, at the end, they hope to find their home away from home.

This year, potential new members (PNMs) vying for a sorority bid, gained traction overnight on TikTok by sharing their daily outfits and experiences, one of which was Grant Sikes. Sikes is a biological male who identifies as female and uses she/her pronouns. Sikes chose to enter into the sorority recruitment program knowing that a bid is not guaranteed at the end of the process, but that didn’t stop him from suggesting that his not receiving one was a form of discrimination.

As an alumna from a Panhellenic sorority where I served as a Membership Vice President, I can confidently say that biological men should not be allowed to go through the recruitment process.

Men do not belong in women’s sororities. Sikes shouldn’t have been allowed to go through the process at all from the start. Men have no place being involved within women’s institutions. Though the National Panhellenic Conference (the governing body that oversees all Panhellenic sororities) has a Non-Discrimination Policy that includes ‘Gender Identity’ — I would like to emphasize that every sorority chapter can accept or deny PNMs as they see fit. These decisions are made entirely based on the chapter’s bylaws and recruitment criteria.

All in all, this controversy is linked to the larger transgender debate, especially with women’s sports, in every aspect of an environment where women are competing biological men are now given chances to have that same opportunity.

Regardless of how the media spins this story to seem like discrimination truly this is a win for every sorority not just at the University of Alabama but nationwide, showing the protection of women’s only organizations.

The Post Millennial reported comments from Clay Travis, a prominent lawyer and journalist, who stated, “Roll-tide, good for them for standing up to this absurdity.” He continued, “Men should not be able to be members of Alabama sororities.” He is absolutely right.

Besides, imagine being a woman, who wanted to join one of the many sororities, but was turned away so that the group could accept a man instead. It would be unthinkable.

Women have had championships taken away from them. They have lost pageant titles and ‘woman of the year’ awards. All of which have been stolen from actual females by men who are under a delusion that they are somehow women.

Society has concluded on behalf of all women that men will now be allowed to be wherever they want, so long as they declare womanhood — even if their physical appearance, actions, attractions, or their body parts do not mirror the claim.

There have been numerous complaints from teammates of Lia Thomas (former swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania and ‘trans-female’) who have spoken publicly on their feelings of unease after being forced to share a locker room with a man. The New York Post reported that Thomas even exposed his still very male parts in the locker room, surrounded by his female teammates. According to the report, Thomas has also been open about his continued attraction to women.

An unnamed teammate of Thomas said in an interview with the Daily Mail, “But we were basically told that we could not ostracize Lia by not having her in the locker room and that there’s nothing we can do about it, that we basically have to roll over and accept it, or we cannot use our own locker room.”

The article continued, “[University of Pennsylvania] released a terse statement last month that it was offering mental health services to student-athletes.”

Despite the fact that this is obviously sexual harassment, transgender theology tells us that it is completely fine, admirable even. Men are women, and the women who object are the mentally unwell. Women who are uncomfortable sharing a locker room with a man are transphobic, and should seek therapy and repentance from this grave mortal sin.

Now take that exact situation, and replace the term “locker room” with “sorority house” — at this rate, women won’t have a single space left for themselves that is not invaded by men. Imagine living in a sorority house with shared bathrooms and living amongst a biological male. In an attempt to look inclusive, women’s only organizations have totally abandoned women.

Thank goodness there are still some institutions that are not willing to compromise. The sororities that said no to Sikes had more than every right to do so, and in the process protected the sanctity of the organization as a whole.

Sikes later took to social media where he shared a statement that read, “This recruitment journey is over for me. Being dropped from my last house this morning during primary recruitment at the University of Alabama doesn’t come as a surprise considering out of the almost 20 chapters — I was dropped by every single one except 2 before day 1.”

Again, this is due to each individual chapter’s bylaws — not some sort of transphobic discrimination, and the actions taken by the sororities were entirely justified. In fact, most sororities won’t allow pregnant women, or even married women into their chapters. This has nothing to do with prejudice, but following all of the media attention, many of the national organizations are looking to make a change that will allow biological men to go through the sorority recruitment process. Should that be the case going forward, it will completely destroy the exclusivity of sororities, along with what sets the long-standing institution apart from other university clubs and organizations.

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Morgonn McMichael is a Gen Z social media influencer from Texas whose effort to empower and inspire America’s next generation of young conservative female leaders through patriotic online video content has amassed over 100,000 unique social media impressions every week on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more. Morgonn has dedicated the last year promoting freedom of speech, religious liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government both online and across TPUSA campus chapters. Morgonn has also reached tens of thousands of viewers of all ages with her articles and appearances on Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, OAN, and Breitbart, offering insightful cultural commentary into the most pressing issues concerning young conservatives today. Follow all of Morgonn’s cultural insights, analysis, and southern values as she confronts the American culture war head-on across all TPUSA media channels.

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