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Biden’s Latest ‘Threat to Democracy’

Earlier this week the global left was shocked again when conservative Giorgia Meloni was chosen by the voters of Italy to govern as their next prime minister. She won by getting back to the basics. God. Individualism. Pride in country. Family. Personal identity not determined by the government or as she said, “financial speculators,” but by the individual. In a post-COVID world, where millions were treated as numbers in a cog with social credit scores and digital medical passes, more people are yearning for a return to sanity and statehood. They want their leaders to reject governance from global bodies or countries like China, whose communist surveillance tactics were adopted pretty much everywhere as a way to “manage” the pandemic. 

Naturally, the “future is female” t-shirt donning feminists in America predictably gave Meloni no praise. After all, she’s the wrong kind of woman. President Joe Biden, Mr. Unifier, took things further and launched yet another one of his vicious attacks.

During a fundraiser for the Democrat Governors Association, Biden went after Meloni as a “threat to democracy” and compared her to Chinese Communist Party dictator Xi Jinping. 

“Literally, there’s a case being made around the world, not just here, because democracy and autocracy. And there’s an awful lot of folks who believe that democracies can’t be sustained in the 21st century because there’s, problems are so, so much is changing in science and technology, the environment, a whole range of things, that it’s awful hard to reach a consensus in the short amount of time you have to reach,” Biden said. “And so that’s why I have these constant arguments. So I’ve had, I’ve met with Xi Jinping over 78 hours, 68 of which are in person, over the last 10 years.  And he makes the case straight up that democracies can’t be sustained in the 21st century.” 

“You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election. You’re seeing what’s happening around the world.  And the reason I bother to say that is we can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here either,” he continued. 

“Threat to democracy” is the default accusation and as usual, it’s projection from the very people making the charge. 

The true threat to Democracy is Biden and his fellow leftists’, including his allies in the media who have the phrase on repeat’s constant attacks on the democratic process when their political opponent happens to be chosen by the people. Whether it’s here at home in America or abroad in places where people share an interest in protecting liberty. The same is true when Biden and his allies attack ballot measures or legislation passed by elected representatives, like voter integrity in Georgia. It can be found in south Texas as Democrats accuse Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores of being a “threat to democracy” after earning enough votes to flip a Democrat-held district after 100 years of single-party representation.  

The charge is worn out and a talking point uttered with the goal of scaring Americans rather than respecting or preserving Democracy. As usual, it’s a tactic used by the left not to protect the will of the voters, but to solidify their own power. 

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