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Biden’s Response To The DOBBS Decision Includes Executive Orders & Wild Accusations

Joe Biden was incensed when SCOTUS handed down their ruling for the Dobbs case. He vowed to take action to oppose it. Today was his official response.

Before Joe’s big finish, which (true to form) took the shape of yet another Executive Order he gave a speech that made some wild and unfounded accusations about the impacts of the Dobbs decision.

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Biden took a series of unpresidential swipes at a co-equal branch of government denouncing the ‘extremist’ Supreme Court (even naming Justices by name) which, had Trump being the one speaking like this, would have been a far more plausible case for impeachment than the two he faced.

He made numerous claims about the ruling that were either demonstrably false or a clear misrepresentation of the statements made.

Here is the White House memo on the Executive Order.

Here is a shortened summary of some key priorities:

The executive action comes as Biden faces pressure from his fellow Democrats to take more forceful action, especially since the decision handed down by the high court on June 24 was leaked in early May.

His order largely finalizes what has already been announced by the administration — including instructions to the Justice Department to make sure women can travel out-of-state for abortion care.

The order addresses the elevated risks for patients, providers and clinics, which includes efforts to protect mobile clinics that have been deployed to state borders to offer care for out-of-state patients.

Biden’s action, the White House said, directs Attorney General Merrick Garland and the White House counsel to convene volunteer lawyers and organizations to “encourage robust legal representation of patients, providers, and third parties lawfully seeking or offering reproductive health care services throughout the country.”

Biden has also said he’ll provide leave for federal workers traveling for medical care, which could set an example for private companies to do the same.

…Biden is also ordering the Department of Health and Human Services to take “additional action to protect and expand” access to medication abortion, emergency contraception and IUDs.

The agency is instructed to increase outreach and public education efforts regarding access to reproductive health care services — abortion included — to get reliable information to the public.

Patient privacy is another part of Biden’s order, which takes additional measures to address the transfer and sale of sensitive health-related data, combat digital surveillance related to reproductive health care services and protects people from fraudulent and deceptive practices. —ABCNews

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Biden also called for Congress to ‘codify Roe’ (which is odd, considering Casey struck down some aspects of Roe, and states like Vermont and New York have FAR more lenient application of when the unborn life requires protection), and said he needs ‘two more pro-choice Senators’ in order to push that agenda.

Notice that this ‘defender of Democracy’ is assuming the filibuster will be blown up so he can push his agenda down the throats of states that don’t agree with it. That reference to two more Senators sure sounds like he wants to advance the idea of DC statehood, despite the Constitution explicitly rejecting that idea.

Be careful what you ask for Joe, because there are a lot of Red State voters trapped in California who would love to be free of the tyranny of a few big cities.

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