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Cassiopeians – Human Extraterrestrial Race

  Physical Characteristics 

Cassiopeians are indistinguishable from Earth
humans except for clear webbing between their fingers that’s unnoticeable
unless their fingers are spread apart. 

This feature developed over time, as
they are avid swimmers and lovers of ocean life. 

Their slim bodies skim
through water the way dolphins glide across the surf.

 Universal Origin 

Cassiopeians Universal Origin
Cassiopeians originated in the Cassiopeia constellation, which is a prominent constellation located in the northern sky near the North Pole and is visible year-round from most of the northern hemisphere. 

It is named after the legendary queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology. 

The constellation is easily recognizable due to its distinctive “W” shape, which is formed by five bright stars.

 Belief System 

Cassiopeians Extraterrestrials Belief System
Cassiopeians believe in the Cosmic Law of One. 

Water is
sacred to them and is purified by the created beings on their world and
stored in clear quartz crystal vats. 

Goddesses meditate over the vats to infuse
the liquid with love. 

The Cassiopeians’ devout practice in water purification
has greatly benefited them internally and externally. 

Internally, the purified
water has activated a crystalline matrix within the blood cells that gives
them endurance, unlike any other species. 

Its influence on the brain’s cellular
structure has expanded the capacity of storage beyond 100 percent and has
categorized them as superhumans.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Cassiopeians Extraterrestrial Cosmic Agenda
Cassiopeians are part of the Galacterian Alignment and
participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program. 

They study oceans on their world and on other worlds. 

with sea creatures is either through telepathic static or moving pictures or
by telepathically speaking their language through a mind-extension

The Cassiopeians are looking forward to meeting their extended family on

Many from their system are stationed in galactic command centers
above or below our planet. 

They are excited when measuring the planetary
consciousness as a whole and bear witness to our spiritual elevation. 

seeds from Cassiopeia are usually focused on environmental issues,
especially ridding the oceans of pollution.


Cassiopeians Extraterrestrial Technology
Cassiopeians have Galacterian motherships, starships, thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. 

They also have specialized water ships
similar to the spiritual engineering of a Merkabah ship, based on liquid light

Riding in one of these craft makes one feel light as a feather, and
mind clarity increases one thousand-fold. It’s likened to nirvana. 

Their thought ships, fleet ships, and scout ships are just as agile in the
water as in the air, in complete control of the elements. 

The Cassiopeians
helped create underwater technology that is used throughout the Galactic
Kingdom. Upon entry into any body of water, a slippery cocoon of light surrounds the craft, the protective barrier that allows the ship to slide
through liquid with ease. 

It is also designed to not disturb ocean life.
All their craft and command centers use water-based biological
supercomputers as if they were living creatures from the sea. 

All craft are
able to travel through time-space funnels and the inner-space continuum. 

They are developing a wormhole transport made from liquid light, a fluid
infused with divine consciousness, capable of bending space to other

Their healing tools are water- and crystalline-based. With their heightened
mental clarity, they astral travel to higher realms and bring back sacred light,
brilliant opalescent colors, and infuse their healing wands, beds, and
chambers with this light in weightless liquid form.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Cassiopeians Extraterrestrial Abilities
Cassiopeians are fully conscious and sovereign

Besides being astute telepaths, they have an extra ability unique to
their race: When speaking mind to mind, there is the usual attachment to
feelings of the experience but another dimension is added, a conscious
union to the Living Library of Akasha that enhances the story with the
amount of spiritual elevation gleaned from the sender’s lesson at hand.

receiver also elevates, almost half of the sender, just by being brought into
the experience on an unfathomable depth of soul connectivity.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Cassiopeians Extraterrestrial Race Dimensional Capacity
Cassiopeians have multirealm commandership. 

Cassiopeians are experts at quantum physics. 

They understand that like the
rings inside a tree trunk that reveal its age, the universal dimensional folds
go back to the beginning of time. 

Dimensions in this universal theater are
endless, just like the multiverse creation.

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