Celestials – Human Extraterrestrial Race

  Physical Characteristics 

 Celestials are able to choose any bodily form
from their past incarnations, or a combination thereof, from the physical or
astral realms. 

They are inwardly beautiful and exceptionally good-looking in
this rarefied state. 

Celestial garments are made from ultra-dimensional fabrics depicting scenes from the cosmos: stars, suns, moons, galaxies,
nebulas, and planets. A celestial fragrance emanates from their presence.

 Universal Origin 

Celestials Realm Creators
Celestials ascended from the astral realm. 

They are now
joined within the universal firmament their heart and mind consciously a
part of everything in the seen and unseen worlds. 

They are celestial realm

 Belief System 

Celestials beings of the Creation
Celestials are devotional beings to the Creation and to its

Celestials are the overseers of the Cosmic Law of One. 

They work
from behind the veil of the celestial curtain.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Celestials beings from the heavens

Celestials prepare written code comprised within Living
Light and disperse these learning programs across the heavens. 

blankets of awareness, ascension grids, guide a planetary consciousness to
the next level. 

They work in union with the Angelic Corps and the
University of Melchizedek. 

Some Celestials are in a class all their own. 


Celestials light technology
When traveling the multiverse, Celestials create an express
space vehicle from gammamyne, a buoyant milky-white matter infused with
star energy, sunlight, or moonlight and high vibratory crystals mined from
across their lands. 

They have full cognition of every living cell of
consciousness in the firmament of their realm, and with a mere thought, the
craft molds around them instantly. 

They can modify the craft while in flight,
change its form and anything the mind can think of, they can achieve.

All of their light technology is derived from gammamyne and can be
modified depending on the mission, with the infusion of other properties in
the celestial heavens such as stardust, sunlight, moonlight, etc.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Celestials avatars and solar consiousness
Celestials have avatar and solar consciousness. 

They speak the light essence language. 

There is consciousness in all light and the Celestials program the heavens through light. 

 Dimensional Capacity 

Celestials extraterrestrial multidimensional beings
Being creators in the multidimensional realms,
Celestials continue their evolutionary journey, ultimately ascending into the
Paradise Spheres, worlds that are beyond sublime, beyond human

Looking back on their lineage, for instance, if it was on Earth,
an ascended Celestial might oversee their bloodline and share enlightenment
though the dream state, a visitation, or from behind the veil. 

Some Celestials
are created beings. 

They work in unison with ascended Celestials.

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