Clarions – Human Extraterrestrial Race

Physical Characteristics ↫ 

Clarions are indistinguishable from Earth
Females on average are five five and males are five nine, they
have petite, round facial features, various colors of hair and angelic eyes
(the same display of colors on Earth) that are slanted and almond-shaped. 

Universal Origin ↫ 

Clarions from planet Clarion in the constellation of Aquila
Clarions are from the planet Clarion, which revolves
around two suns in a binary system in the constellation Aquila. 

The constellation Aquila is a group of stars that can be seen from Earth’s night sky, it is located in the northern hemisphere and is most easily seen during the summer months.  

The name “Aquila” means “eagle” in Latin, and the constellation is said to represent the bird that carried Zeus’s thunderbolts in Greek mythology. 

Belief System ↫ 

Clarions, the cosmic law of one and the invisible architect of all creation
Clarions believe in the Cosmic Law of One, they believe in
creating Light, in honor of the One with no name, the invisible architect of
all Creation. 

They believe time and space are their temples, planets and stars
their cathedrals, and the universe(s) their sanctuary, they are aware that they (and all) sentient beings own the consciousness
of the primordial atom and of eternity and know that death is only
transformational. The soul is eternal. 

They also believe the Invisible
Architect of Creation fulfills destiny, and the celestial creators weave fate, they believe souls evolve from planetary sphere to planetary sphere
(universal schools) until they reach the consciousness of the Primordial One,
of the Architect with no name. 

Until they reach this state of consciousness,
they will be born into this universal theater over and over again.

Cosmic Agenda ↫ 

Clarions and the universal ascension vibration into the next dimensions

Clarions are here assisting Earth in rising up and out of
duality and into universal ascension vibrating into the next dimensions, some have been living on Earth for more than eighty years. 

One of their
bases is shared with other intergalactic beings located below the center of
the Amazon jungle.

Technology ↫ 

Clarions and the advanced technology ships

Clarions have common discus craft that are about eighty feet
in diameter, the metal outer part of the ship can become transparent,
revealing the inner parts, or the outside environment. 

The interior of the
craft has the appearance of infinity, they are able to contract or expand the
space – the laws of physics are obliterated, the craft is a living metallic

Via thought projection, standing in the center of the ship, a black cube
rises from the ground to five feet its upper surface is dark blue and its side
has an oval cavity in its base, when the cube is touched, a large golden edge
ejects from it, the key to the ship’s guidance system. 

By touching the key,
the route officer, or “onhotima” in Clarion, and/ or the pilot is able to
communicate with the organic brain of the craft, the cube then becomes
transparent and showcases images. 

These images are transferred to the
monitors and display graphs and star maps, through the route officer’s mind
projections, the images become fluid and they then chart a course to their

 The Clarions have a frequency alternator that projects into space-time,
overthrowing all laws of physics, the small round handheld sphere alters the
atomic frequency of matter (living organisms) and purifies the cells, in other
words, the sphere can relocate one to other dimensions, made possible by a
controlled acceleration of a person’s molecules. 

Human DNA has a programmed syntax that can be modified as it reacts
to modulated impulses, they can introduce colors, words, music and
change the key in your genetic code, reprogramming them and causing them
to react to the new dynamic sequences. 

Through sound and color dynamics
they can reprogram cells, information contained in DNA can be transmitted
through words because languages possess the codified memories of the
entire universe. 

 Clarions are masters of biogenesis and astral biology, finally, they have a touch-contact metallic surface on a piano-like
instrument that when played with the fingers creates a pure energy cosmic

Consciousness Abilities ↫ 

Clarions the fully conscious human extraterrestrial race
Clarions are fully conscious, sovereign and
telepathic (mental synchronicity) beings. 

They are masters of physics,
metaphysics and ultraphysics – all facets pertaining to the visible and
invisible equation. 

Despite their incredible abilities, Clarions are often depicted as peaceful and benevolent beings, they are interested in exploring the universe and learning about other cultures and they are always eager to share their knowledge and wisdom with others.

Dimensional Capacity ↫ 

Clarions and the interdimensional travelling

Clarions believe there is no difference between
physical reality and immaterial dimensions and they are able to traverse

In their view, everything is interconnected and part of a greater whole. As a result, they have developed the ability to traverse between dimensions, traveling interdimensionally with ease and this ability has given them a deep understanding of the universe and the forces that govern it.

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