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Clone Creatures – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics ↫ 

Clones could be human or alien, they’re grown in
artificial embryo sacs and void of a soul. 
(Souls are born of the Creation with divine love and intent.)

 Universal Origin 

Biological cloning beings

Clones are biologically created. 

Biological cloning involves the meticulous replication of an organism’s genetic material. 

Scientists employ various techniques, such as somatic cell nuclear transfer or cell division to create genetically identical copies. 

While it may seem reminiscent of science fiction, cloning has become a tangible reality in laboratories worldwide.

 Belief System 

Clones Belief System

Clones have no belief system, they are constituted consciousness units. 

They are constituted consciousness units, devoid of individual ideologies or perspectives.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Clone Puppet Creatures Cosmic Agenda

Clones are an extension of their programmers and can be used for good or evil purposes. If clones are heavily implanted and joined with a group mind, either artificial or advanced alien, they become robotoids. 
The dark Orion (Draconian) Empire creates, uses, and sells robotoids. To protect themselves, Orions (Draconians) use robotoids to do their dirty work. 
One type of clone exists to throw star seeds off their missions-interfering with alignment and ascension messages, preventing them from achieving spiritual elevation and distorting the true benevolent cosmic
These clones use artificial intelligence consciousness to impersonate a voice of truth but their messages are designed to create fear through false love. But as the star seed increases their spiritual sustenance, they are able to recognize the false voice and uproot it from their consciousness and detour it from future transmissions. 
The first phase is recognition.
The second phase is mentally removing it from the mind through meditation by consciously creating a metallic sphere, a powerful magnet and then turning on the magnet above the head, allowing it to pull all those negative and untrustworthy thought forms up into the sphere. 
Once the mind is cleansed, add pink (for love), purple (for spirituality), gold and silver (for Mother Father God) around the sphere. 
Let the sphere rise high into the sky
and dissipate, allowing the colors and their meanings to transform the sphere and its contents. 
The third phase is to create protection around the energy field by mentally focusing the same colors around yourself and saying, “All that is not of
enlightened universal consciousness (or God/Christ/Buddha/etc.) cannot penetrate this shield.”
Soul replacement cloning is the dark art of partially stripping energies from a person’s aura and replacing it with black energy to influence the person in many negative ways.


controlled via implants Clones

Some clones have animal souls, a spirit-capture technology taught to Earth scientists by aliens. 
Clones can also be controlled via implants in the physical brain or via holographic consciousness inserts, some clones are created through cattle DNA mixed with human DNA to create a near-human being.
Consciousness is then withdrawn from a human
and transferred to the clone through a computer to stimulate memories. 
The near humans are then bred with real humans to create Type 2 almost humans.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Clone Creatures Limited Consciousness Abilities

A clone’s consciousness ability is limited, a soul
matrix is only privy to those born of man and woman or to created beings.
Clones have to be taught how to be human and interact with society. 
They are awkward and clumsy until they’ve reached maturity. 
They cannot attain a high IQ and are easily manipulated by their creators.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Clone Creatures bound on the physical third dimensional realm

Clones can only exist in the third dimension.

Their replication process relies on the physical realm, making them bound to this dimension.

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