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CORTES: Big Business Pays ‘Indulgences’ to the Left.

Even as manufacturing tanks into recession territory in America, lobbyists for factories clamor to suck up to Joe Biden and the D.C. establishment. Their latest efforts come in the form of a ludicrous new public relations campaign: Manufacturers for Gay Marriage.

Specifically, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) officially calls for passage of the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” on Capitol Hill. This once-revered industry group leverages its considerable political capital to venture far beyond matters of relevance to the productive capacity of US manufacturing. The Association incredulously claims this new law would allow factory workers to “bring their authentic selves to work.”

Why must a group like the NAM insert itself into this social issue?

Post from the CEO of the Natl. Assoc. of Manufacturers

The answer flows from the giddy readiness of big business to please permanent Washington to effectively bribe liberal and establishment powerbrokers to protect the interests of corporate C-suite executives.

Through this practice, large enterprises pay the modern equivalent of indulgences – channeling the former Medieval Catholic practice of paying stipends for the forgiveness of sins. In this 21st century version, a corrupt, rent-seeking corporate class pays these indulgences to the permanent political class, advocating for radical social policies. In return, these connected firms receive preferential regulatory and policy treatment that ensures their existing dominant market positions.

For example, massive multinational consumer names get an effective pass on using Chinese slave labor to produce goods for sale in America. Similarly, U.S.-based manufacturers suffer no financial penalties for shipping American jobs overseas, in large part because these same companies dutifully finance the political establishment. On Wall Street, financial giants secure generous contracts to manage the public money of government entities and pensions, in return for aggressively supporting the secular humanist agenda of the ruling class.

Regarding this latest social engineering power grab, this unnecessary and radical legislation only serves as a potential potent state weapon against people and institutions that hold to the belief in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Because of state statutes and the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, gay marriage is already legal everywhere in America.

This new act, therefore, represents a blatant attempt during the lame duck session of Democrat control of Congress, to nonetheless further federalize marriage policy and thereby provide secular opponents of religious groups with a powerful national legal weapon for coercion and harassment.

New York Archbishop John Cardinal Dolan warns of this threat, predicting that when “conflicts between religious beliefs and same-sex civil marriage arise, the Act will be used as evidence that religious believers must surrender to the state’s interest in recognizing same-sex civil marriages.” Evangelical leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council also warned that this bill is “light years more radical than the justices’ [Obergefell] ruling seven years ago.”

If passed into law, Perkins predicts that “government would be declaring open season on anyone who believes in marriage as it’s always been: the union of a man and woman.”

This post is from Steve Cortes’s Substack, which you can and should subscribe to, here.

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