Cyclops – Human Extraterrestrial Race

 Physical Characteristics 

Females are six feet tall and males are six feet to
six five. 

Their elongated heads hold a larger brain that provides extra storage
and heightened data processing. Their one large eye is purple, blue, green, or

The eye functions like a telephoto lens to see farther distances and
read energy patterns and auras, and it is attuned to higher psychic abilities. 

The eye also flows back and forth, allowing for improved peripheral vision.

 Universal Origin 

Cyclops Extraterrestrial Universal Origin
Cyclops come from planet 555, one of the numbered
planets on the opposite side of the universe from Earth.

 Belief System 

Cyclops Cosmic Law of One Belief System
Cyclops follow the Cosmic Law of One. 

They have a saying
that every star nation believes in: Judge the individual, not the race.

 Cosmic Agenda  

Cyclops Cosmic Agenda
As part of the Star Seed Alignment, a subdivision of the
Galacterian Alignment, cyclops are here to assist us in moving our third dimensional world into the next dimensional folds. 

However, their work which oversees evolved souls incarnating onto the planet, to raise its
spiritual vibration has been kept secret because of their unique appearance. 

Some of their race has been stationed on Earth since the 1950s, traveling
with created beings (galactic commanders) as officers in their crews in
charge of saucer fleets and star ships.


Cyclops Technology
Cyclops use Galacterian motherships, star ships, thought-ships,
fleet ships, and scout ships. 

All their craft and command centers use
biological supercomputers, all craft are able to travel through time-space
funnels and the inner space continuum. 

The older masters of the civilization
are able to journey in Merkabah vehicles, creating a transport around
themselves to travel short distances or entering space portals to travel to
other sectors of the universe.

 Consciousness Abilities 

Cyclops Extraterrestrials unique spiritual technology
Cyclops are fully conscious, sovereign and
telepathic beings, they have a unique spiritual technology – a mind/body
projector – that extends their astral mind and body to desired locations
within the astral realm. 

They are highly sought after for their expertise on
the astral universe. 

Cyclops are deeply structured thinkers and are cosmic scientists, studying
this dimension as well as others.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Cyclops Multi Dimensional Capacities
Cyclops have multi realm commandership. 

Cyclops measure dimensions, especially energy fluctuations, they then
create wavelengths graphs and add the data into comparison charts. 

If the
calibrations between dimensions are not in harmony, they forward their
findings to the Galacterian Alignment and the Alignment sends messengers
and mighty messengers to that dimension quadrant to raise the
consciousness until equilibrium is achieved. 

The purpose of creating
synchronicity and harmony between the dimensions is that on a far-future
timeline, all the dimensions will merge into one, and the knowledge and
wisdom of every dimension will be available to every being that participated
in those living theatres. 

And a new creation, a more advanced civilization,
will be born.

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