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WATCH: Byron York calls Fetterman attendance records ‘damaging’

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York shared his thoughts Thursday on John Fetterman’s recently released attendance records as lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and as mayor of Braddock.

Fetterman spent approximately one-third of his workdays off the job before his stroke in May 2019, according to the Associated Press. Even on the days he was working, his workdays were roughly four to five hours long.

“Well, Republicans are gonna be really happy about this. They have been so incredibly frustrated in their efforts to run against Fetterman,” York said during a television interview. “I just looked at the RealClearPolitics average of polls. The last 16 polls in that have shown Fetterman in the lead, up by about 4 points in the average right now. And I think we may be reaching a turning point with the election coming very soon from now in which there is perhaps less talk about Fetterman’s health and more talk about his performance.”


The report also raises suspicion of Fetterman’s work schedule while he was mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019.

“So this is a pretty damaging report, basically,” York said. “He’s not a no-show lieutenant governor, but he’s just a sometimes-show lieutenant governor.”

His opponent in the Senate election, Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, responded to the clip Friday, quoting York’s statement on Fetterman’s attendance.

@ByronYork: John Fetterman is a “sometimes show” Lieutenant Governor,” he wrote.

The GOP candidate has attempted to make political statements on the state of the economy, among other issues on the campaign trail. At one point, he made a video inside a grocery story demonstrating how expensive it is to buy the ingredients for crudites. While Fetterman has poked fun at Oz for calling a veggie platter by its French name, York believes Oz’s strategy could work to win over voters in the end.

“Obviously, inflation by far the voters’ No. 1 concern. Crime really coming up fast as a sort of No. 2 top concern for voters,” York said. “And with Fetterman, he does have some vulnerabilities on the issue of crime, on the issue of criminal justice.”


Oz’s disapproval rating among voters has been at about 50%.

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