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Help Us Save America

We are less than a month away from the midterm elections and Republicans have the chance to take back both chambers of Congress to finally put a stop to Joe Biden and the Democrats’ radical, disastrous agenda that is destroying our great country.

The Red Wave is real, and Democrats know it. They are destroying America. Their policies are unpopular and failing. Inflation continues to spiral out of control. The economy is in a worsening recession. Energy prices are skyrocketing. And Congress is pumping billions of dollars into a Ukrainian war that doesn’t help regular Americans.

Rather than focus on the issues Americans care about, Democrats want to focus on…baby killing? The radical left still can’t seem to grasp that normal Americans don’t support abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth.

And if the Democrats’ radical policies are so popular and will move the country in the right direction, why won’t they debate?

In Arizona, Democrat Katie Hobbs refuses to debate GOP firebrand Kari Lake. In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz has tried to debate John Fetterman, who hasn’t put a sentence together for months. A tentative debate has been scheduled for October 25, but we’ll see if it happens at all. 

This is all part of the left’s strategy – distract voters from the issues they care about most and hide in their basements like Sleepy Joe. 

Your support for Townhall VIP is now more critical than ever. Day in and out, our members directly support our exposing of the radical left, reporting the facts about the crumbling economy as the Biden White House tries to claim everything is under control, and promoting the conservative policies and ideas that will save America.

By becoming a VIP member, you directly support the investigative reporting we do, like the exposés on the “woke” left’s perverted agenda that targets children, reports on censorship by Big Tech and Big Banks to exile conservatives, news about the ongoing border invasion and Democrat crime wave, and much more.

It’s a war chest that ensures you’ll receive the facts often missed and buried due to censorship from the left. 

By joining Townhall VIP, you become part of our army, as we work to roll back the insane Biden agenda in 2022 and beyond. It’s a Lefty Enemies List you want to be on, and you’ll get heaps of exclusive content from Katie Pavlich, Kurt Schlichter, Larry O’Connor, and more.

The left can’t beat us. They know it. And it’s time to make them pay at the ballot box. Join us in this fight.

Become a Townhall VIP member today and join the fight, and if you use promo code SAVEAMERICA, you’ll save 40 percent off your first year of membership.

Matt Vespa
Senior Editor, Townhall

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