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Here Are The Best Revolvers To Protect Your Home From Just About Anything

In the handgun world, there are two types of people, those who like and use revolvers and folks that prefer semi auto pistols. Both handguns are good and it all boils down to a personal preference.
I like both, because both types do what they are supposed to do, stop a threat when they are fired. But between the two, I will say that revolvers are more reliable, the drawback is a revolver usually only has a six round capacity and in a firefight, that can be a serious drawback.
Alot of people who conceal carry a revolver for personal protection, will also carry one (sometimes two) speed loaders, so they have that extra ammo when and if they need it.
Revolvers are considered to be among the most reliable firearms today. Hence, it is not surprising that many people would want to purchase one. Aside from having fun firing these guns at the range, …

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