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JOBOB: Young Children Who Come Out as ‘Trans’ Should Not Be Taken Seriously

The beloved Twitter account Libs of TikTok recently posted a sickening video that shows just how crazy some parents can be. The video, from the TikTok account @zerodeviance, shows a mother explaining how her biological son came out as trans at the age of 3.

The mother explained that at her son’s three-year checkup, the pediatrician asked him if he was a boy or a girl. The boy replied to the doctor and said “I’m a girl.” Since then, the mother has socially transitioned her son. The mother claims that her son demands to be referred to using female pronouns. She has also posted videos asking her viewers the best way for her to talk to her son about hormones and body parts.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Before we talk about the child and the mother, let’s talk about the pediatrician who initiated this conversation. What type of doctor asks a child if they are a boy or a girl? Our standards for doctors must be concerningly low, given that this person, who believes gender can be altered on the whims of a toddler, is a practicing physician – and gets paid for this nonsense.

The medical community as a whole has been corrupted by political agendas at least since 2020, when the infamous Dr. Fauci learned that a person can make a real killing playing a doctor on TV. The implementation of vaccine mandates wasn’t all that helpful, it was just a means to an end for the left: “fire all of the free-thinking medical professionals, that way when we try to trans the kids we won’t have as much backlash to deal with.”

An individual who truly thinks that men can be women and women can be men does not deserve the title of “doctor” and especially does not have the right to persuade children into this perverted ideology. It is not a pediatrician’s place to teach an underage child a highly controversial and contested notion that they can change their gender.

Now, let me make this simple point: children are really stupid. Seriously, little kids do not have a grasp on reality, how could they? The prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that makes decisions) does not even fully develop in humans until age 25. That is insane. Imagine asking a 3-year-old to make the same life-altering decisions that say a 25-year-old could make — oh wait, that is exactly what these “doctors” are doing.

In addition to the actual scientific reasoning behind my criticism, adolescents also have little to no life experiences to guide their understanding of the ramifications of the things they do and say. This is why kids aren’t and shouldn’t be responsible for their own decision-making.

Here’s a well-known example of this: If a parent lets their child choose their own meals every day, that child would quickly get sick from eating only cookies and ice cream. As a parent, you have a responsibility to feed your child foods that will benefit their overall health and growth. Your child may not understand why it matters what they eat, but you do. You have an obligation as a parent to do what’s best for them, and you don’t take their opinions into consideration all that much. Children do not have the life experiences required to make even the simplest of decisions.

This is precisely why we have an age of consent. Laws are in place to protect underage children from consequences that can manifest from their actions at a young age, but specifically to prevent them from being manipulated or taken advantage of. Adults pushing this harmful and pervasive belief on children are perpetrating a form of abuse. Parents alone are responsible for knowing and doing what will be in the best interest of their child.

When a three-year-old boy says he’s a girl, he doesn’t know what that means. He certainly is not saying he wants to transition, because he couldn’t possibly understand the ramifications of that decision. To interpret his words as a sound decision would be idiotic; again note the physical inability of a child to do this.

Some studies claim that in most instances, an early social transition in children with gender dysphoria still results in medical transitions later in life. Transgender advocates will look at this study and claim it as evidence that children have the capacity and awareness to select their gender, and that an early medical transition will benefit them, rather than harm. This “evidence” is absolute garbage.

Here’s why:

A mental health and addiction resource center writes, “childhood experiences play an important role in the development of personality traits and personality disorders. Traumatic childhood experiences, such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and neglect, have been identified as risk factors that increase the likelihood a personality disorder may develop (Johnson, Bromley, & McGeoch, 2005).”

In this scenario, I would argue that the deep-rooted psychological confusion imposed on a child during early development will cause them to continue identifying with the gender bestowed upon them at a young age. Children’s minds are highly malleable, so changing the foundational knowledge of the difference between boys and girls can seriously wreck their ability to reason later in life.

There is no way to justify socially or medically transitioning a young child. If a little boy wants to wear a tutu or tiara, it doesn’t mean he wants to be a girl. He’s a little kid who got intrigued by a piece of clothing. He doesn’t even understand how that clothing is correlated with girls. I guarantee that if you told that same little boy, “no, you can’t wear that tutu” he would forget about the whole thing ten minutes later. The problem forms when parents take that ounce of childlike curiosity and make it into something else entirely.

This 3-year-old stating that he is a girl is meaningless. Little boys will literally identify as ninjas and cowboys. We don’t take that seriously. A child cannot consent to their own medical procedures, but they can say they want to be socially, and God-forbid, physically transitioned? A kid can’t even tie their own shoes until around 6 years old!

To her benefit (be it, a small benefit) the mom in this story did note that she thinks it’s wrong to physically transition children, but who knows if she will still stand by that after getting all the attention she was desperately seeking. Having a transgender child is a new fad, a social phenomenon in which parents decide to no longer care for their offspring.

Most of these kids who “come out” as transgender are mainly being coerced by their parents. This mother desperately wants her child to be part of a minority group, probably to collect all of the virtue signaling points that come with it. We should call it what it is: abuse. You cannot change your sex; you can’t tell a little boy that he is a girl. Doing so is a lie, and a dangerous one at that. Teaching children that there is no difference between men and women will only push them down a path of trauma and mental duress. It’s not “gender-affirming,” it’s sex-denying.

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