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Biden’s Approval Close to Falling Into the 20s After Another Brutal Week

How low can he go?

President Biden’s approval rating has crashed to just 30%, its lowest mark yet, in a new national poll.

The Civiqs Poll’s daily tracking survey of registered voters found less than a third of Americans giving the thumbs-up to Biden’s on-the-job performance — and a whopping 57% disapproving.

“Joe Biden’s presidency is sinking from a thousand holes in the boat,” said GOP consultant Ryan Girdusky.

The poll, released Friday, found Biden deep underwater with voters in every age bracket, every educational level, and both genders. Every one of those groups showed approval rates under 40%, with the youngest voters, age 18 to 34, among the most dissatisfied at a dismal 21%.

In only two states out of 50, deep-blue Hawaii and Vermont, do Biden’s supporters outnumber his detractors.

Democrats and black voters are the two groups still in the president’s corner, the survey found — and not by much.

Poll of Biden approval rating
The latest poll shows a growing disapproval for President Biden.

Just 56% of African Americans — the Dems’ most loyal voting bloc — signaled their approval, and Democrats overall hit 64%, a new low.

Even more galling, Biden’s 30% overall approval was far below the 39% that Civiqs registered in 2017 as President Donald Trump’s lowest-ever number — and not even in shouting distance of the 44% approval rating Trump notched at the same point in his presidency.

The survey came at the end of a dismal week for Biden, as the specter of recession loomed, gas prices remained near record highs, parents kept scrambling for baby formula, and a July 4 mass shooting roiled the gun control debate.

His administration took fire from every side as it failed to secure supplies of monkeypox vaccine and admitted that Border Patrol agents did not whip migrants, as Biden had claimed.

After weeks of brutal criticism from lefty Dems for his flaccid response to the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Biden sought to relieve the building pressure within his party Friday by signing an executive order meant to help women seeking abortions.

Monkeypox vaccine
A shipment of the Monkeypox vaccine was delayed from being shipped to the US after the Food and Drug Administration failed to inspect a plant in Denmark.
Christinne Muschi/REUTERS

Blasting the decision as “an exercise in raw political power” and a “giant step backwards,” Biden tried to display a firm and furious resolve.

But he badly fumbled his podium performance, drawing widespread mockery for an apparent “Ron Burgundy moment” when he blurted out a bit of stage direction — “Repeat the line” — while reading a speech directly from a teleprompter, just like the infamous Will Ferrell character.

“Whoever controls the teleprompter is the real President!” tweeted Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.

Gas prices on a marquee in Los Angeles.
Gas prices have been a frustration across the United States, as high prices impact the pockets of Americans.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The RealClear Politics polling average, which compiles the results of multiple surveys, pegs Biden’s approval at 38% — but it, too, stands at an all-time low for the president.

Democrat consultant Chris Coffey, CEO of Tusk Strategies, said the party has no reason to despair.

“Bill Clinton was in the low 30’s before he was easily re-elected,” Coffey noted. “Day-to-day polls mean less than having conviction and doing what you think is right and letting the American people see and hear that.”

But Girdusky predicted nothing but trouble for Dems in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Unlike Trump, who was often viewed as his own worst enemy, Biden appears feckless and just sitting by as the country burns,” Girdusky said. “Democrats have nothing left to capitalize on for the midterms except the abortion decision … but it won’t be enough.”

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