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Joe’s Definition of Unity and Democracy: “Shut Up and Obey Me, Fascists!”

Barely a week after he made a vicious, divisive speech in which he insulted millions of Americans by equating them with some of the worst mass murdering monsters in history, our beloved Goober-in-Chief once again called for democracy and unity.  It is increasingly difficult to deny that the President has absolutely no cognitive abilities at all (if he ever did, which is doubtful).  Joe, you don’t grievously, barbarously, in a demonic atmosphere, offend half the country and then expect them to blindly love and follow you.  Human nature doesn’t work that way.  Who is really behind such a misguided, divisive, and ill-conceived policy?

I didn’t get to hear, and I’m not going to waste my time reading, Biden’s 9/11 speech (or his tirade from Sunday).  So, I don’t know if he refrained from using the “f” word (“fascist”), but, regardless, it will be back in his mouth in the coming weeks, and in the mouths of the Democrats and their mainstream media sycophants, especially if it looks like the Republicans might win even one House or Senate seat.  Interestingly, Biden never seems to define, specifically, what he means by “fascist,” but his definition is obvious in his, and Kamala’s (and MSNBC’s) words.  To Biden, “fascists” are people who:

1.  Believe that the “babe in the womb” is indeed human, and who, at the very least, want all the people, through their elected state representatives, to have a say in limiting or expanding the practice, and not just nine unelected, unaccountable judges or federal bureaucrats.  But, to believe that is “undemocratic” and “fascist.”

2.  To Biden, fascists are parents who oppose their children being forcibly “groomed” by perverts who are seeking converts to a way of life that most of those parents vociferously oppose.  Parents who want their children educated, not have a gender change, are fascists and terrorists, folks.

3.  Fascists are people who oppose the mutilation of children into transgenderism for the sexual pleasure of a small minority of loud-mouthed mutants.  That’s fascism to a “T”.  Hitlerism if I’ve ever heard it.  Right out of Mussolini 101.

4.  Fascists, those who “threaten democracy,” are people who oppose illegal entry into the country, who want visitors to America to obey the same laws American citizens are supposed to obey.  But requiring those who want to enter the United States to do so legally is, clearly and unambiguously, fascism.  However, we must spend billions and billions of the hard-earned dollars of American taxpayers to prevent Vladimir Putin’s illegal entry into a corrupt country most Americans probably couldn’t even find on a map.  I wonder if most Americans could even find their own country on a map any more, given our current culture and education system. 

5.  Fascists are those who do not believe in human-caused “climate change” (horrors!) and don’t especially appreciate paying higher gas and food prices to placate the greedy, elitist perpetrators of a pseudo-scientific hypothesis with about as much scientific evidence to support it as flat earth theories.  But if you don’t want to drive an electric car and eat bugs, you are a fascist.  Geez, everybody knows that. 

6.  Speaking of “science,” you are also a fascist if you don’t follow the little elf’s demand that you should be vaccinated, and boosted, and boosted again, and boosted again, with an increasingly proven to be dangerous vaccine against a virus that ignores it anyway.  Fascist, thy name is unvaxxed!

7.  Further, fascists are those law-abiding Americans who believe they have a right to protect themselves against the scum who the pro-democracy, anti-fascists continue to let loose from prison to prey upon the innocent and terrorize our streets.  Only fascists believe good people should be allowed to defend themselves against Frankenstein. “Democracy” and “unity” obviously mean that EVERYBODY, monsters included, should have the right to skulk around in our cities and “pursue happiness” in any manner they choose.  Live and let live, you know.  Only fascists lock people up.

Biden wants “unity” and “democracy,” and, by that, he means that the above people should shut up and do everything he tells them to do.  That is certainly one way to have unity, the Xi Jinping Model.  I suspect that is not going to happen in America, though.  Indeed, unity is going to be very difficult to attain when there are Americans—millions and millions and millions of them—who still love the country and who, every day, shake their heads in utter amazement and disbelief, wondering how ANY AMERICAN could ever vote for a Democrat.  Except for those who hate the country.  And, tragically, their name is legion. 

“What the hell is the matter with us?” Biden screeched.  The “matter with us,” Mr. Biden, is YOU, and your despicable, godless leftist ideology that is trying to destroy everything decent, good, and honorable about the United States of America.  We aren’t going to let that happen, not without a serious fight.  Humankind is too important to put its destiny into the hands of morally bankrupt belly-crawlers like you, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates, the WEF, and the United Nations.

So, no, Mr. Biden, we are not going to shut up.  America is not China—yet—as much as you and your totalitarian buddies in the Democratic Party wish it were.

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand.  He has a Master’s degree in history and has taught history and English in America, South Korea, and China.  His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, was recently published, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Eliva.com.  

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