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John Legend says friendship with Kanye West couldn’t survive Donald Trump

Musician John Legend told the director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, David Axelrod, that his friendship with fellow musician Kanye West could not overcome his support for former President Donald Trump.

“We aren’t friends as much as we used to be,” the EGOT winner said of West on CNN’s The Axe Files podcast, “because we publicly disagreed on his running for office, his supporting Trump”


President Donald Trump meets with rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office.

Evan Vucci/AP

“It became too much for us to sustain our friendship,” he added.

“He was upset that I didn’t support his run for presidency of the United States of America — for understandable reasons,” Legend said.

“You weren’t alone in that,” Axelrod chimed in.

“He was not happy about that,” explained the singer. As a result, he said they “haven’t been close since then.”

Of West, Legend said the rapper is “very real,” adding that “there’s not a lot about him that people don’t get,” he added.

“What you see with him is pretty much what you get,” the singer continued.

Chrissy Teigen, left, and John Legend arrive at the 64th annual Grammy Awards.

Jordan Strauss/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Axelrod then asked the star about his past activism during the Iraq War, to which he asserted, “We all knew … it was bulls***.”

“You could tell they were trying to find … intelligent support for something that clearly they just decided they wanted to do,” he said of the Bush administration.

“Clearly, Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, and the case for him having WMDs was … weak at best,” Legend said.

“They were selling us a bill of goods,” he explained, adding that he “didn’t believe it.”

“I was one of those people,” he said, who didn’t believe it from the beginning.

“I grew up very inspired by civil rights leaders,” he further told Axelrod.

Legend also described when he cried after former President Barack Obama, the first black U.S. president, was elected. “The moment that broke me was watching the older black Americans,” he said.


He also detailed using his celebrity power, influence, and resources to create change, revealing that he is currently focused on justice reform and local governments. Notably, Legend recently endorsed several Democratic district attorneys in elections across the country.

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