Moment of Contact: The Roswell of Brazil (2022) – UFO Documentary

The Roswell of Brazil

Inspired by the real-life events that occurred in Varginha, Brazil in 1996, and involved reports from locals who claimed to have witnessed a UFO crash and one or more strange alien creatures. 

The documentary explores the mysterious events that took place when a group of teenagers claimed to have seen the strange alien creature and the creature seemed to fear them, as did they, as the strange alien creature resembled a demon. 

Also, includes many interviews will people who were there that night, back in 1996 and they uncover what really happened. 

“It smelled like a mix between sulfur and ammonia”

The documentary is directed by Marcos Prado, a Brazilian filmmaker known for his documentaries and feature films, and stars Fernanda Machado, Rafael Cardoso, and Thiago Lacerda.

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