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Ohio school board punts on vote to oppose ‘dangerous’ Biden Title IX regulations

Ohio’s State Board of Education punted on the decision of whether to advance a resolution opposing the Biden administration’s expansion of Title IX .

The board had planned to vote on the resolution Wednesday, but instead, it opted 12 to 7 to relegate the matter to an executive committee for additional review. Although a mostly symbolic gesture, the resolution condemns the planned expansion of Title IX to include gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes.


“The president wants to steal our kids’ milk money to push this dangerous ideology on our state,” Republican state Rep. Gary Click told the board Wednesday, per the Columbus Dispatch. “Who steals milk money from kids? Presidents don’t do that. Punks do that.”

Click was referring to the Biden administration’s threat to withhold federal lunch money dollars for noncompliance with its pro-transgender interpretation of Title IX .

If approved, the Ohio resolution would direct the state superintendent to send letters to school boards informing them that the Biden administration’s adjustments to Title IX are not final and therefore they do not need to adhere to them.

It would also recommend the state legislature allocate funding to districts that buck the requirements to compensate for the likelihood the federal government with cut funding for schools that skirt the rules.

“I’m really concerned about the legal issues in this motion,” board member Meryl Johnson said, the Columbus Dispatch reported .

Other members of the board such as Tim Miller echoed that sentiment, arguing that the matter needed further review so that the board could understand the ramifications of the resolution. Board member Brendan Shea, who introduced the motion, argued that relegating it to a committee for further review was meant “to make this go away.”

Gay and transgender activists have fumed over the resolution, ripping it as a bigoted assault on their community and the attempts to expand protections for them. Leadership for Columbus City Schools has panned the resolution as “outrageous” and “absolutely disgusting.”

Meanwhile, parents have argued it is important to oppose the proposed expansion of Title IX to protect their children. One of the implications of the expansion is that schools would be required to permit access for transgender students into bathrooms and locker rooms.


The Department of Education proposed regulations adding gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes under Title IX in June. The resolution mulled by the Ohio State Board of Education “declares its unequivocal opposition to the proposed regulatory changes.”

As a result of its punting on the issue, it is possible that Ohio’s State Board of Education might delay a vote on the resolution until next year, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

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