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Press Ignores Biden’s Downslide, Kamala Gets Propped Up, Taylor Lorenz Gives Herself a Promotion

“Riffed from the Headlines” is Townhall’s daily VIP feature with coverage on the deeply flawed aspects of journalism in the nation. We’ll look to bring accountability to the mishaps, malaprops, misdeeds, manipulations, malpractice, and manufactured narratives in mainstream media.

Ignoring the mounting examples of President Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming harder for the press, but these guys are a dedicated lot, give them credit. Yesterday it was glaringly embarrassing when the President was at a signing ceremony and then looked into the crowd, calling out for Rep. Jackie Warloski – who had recently passed away. It was bad on the surface, but then you realize that not only did the White House officially honor Warloski, but Biden also signed a bill to rename a building after the passed representative. Barely any of the major news outlets dared to cover this display.

We here at RFTH are not the betting types (translation: “not the winning types”), but we will lay the chalk on another incident that will not be covered. Behold Joe Biden at FEMA headquarters today, and he literally just wanders off, with officials chasing him down.

Democrat Custodial Services – VOICE OF AMERICA

For four years Donald Trump could not make a stumble or a malaprop without it being broadened into any number of negative connotations; he lied, was unprepared, was misleading, incapable of speaking clearly, or even displayed signs of mental frailty.

Not only is Joe Biden not subjected to this analysis (note above) but his cohort, the English-mangling Vice President Kamala Harris, is also offered cleanup duty by the media.

Kammy is over in the Koreas, and while (attempting) speaking with the press she touted how the US shares a very important relationship with – North Korea?! Just consider, should a Republican make such a glaring error it would be grounds for their career to be questioned, as they had risked an international incident while insulting our key allies. By in the case of Vice President Harris: Oopsie, she made a speaking mistake!

in the case of Vice President Harris: Oopsie, she made a speaking mistake!


For reasons defying common sense, the administration has come out to announce that they have granted a new diplomatic post. The catch: it was not an appointment to any of the roughly 40 nations still in need of an official emissary. No, the Biden administration announced they created a Diplomat for Plants and Animals.

I’ll give you a moment…

Now the catch here is that while this news excited those at the Washington Post, no one saw much of a need in detailing that the woman announced for the fabricated position of Ambassador To Nature, was the wife of White House leader Ron Klain.

Pounce Of Prevention – THE HILL

We have some breaking news from The Hill: It would appear that the Republicans are using a negative item in the national news for political advantage. It turns out, the economy is not doing so hot, and the GOP is declaring that this is something of a negative reflection on the President. And those dastardly Republicans actually intend to use this news for their political advantage. 

By extension, we must assume the Democrats would never lower themselves to using such base political machinations. That’s something only those MAGA-fascists in the GOP would stoop to doing in politics!

Reporting On The Mirror – WASHINGTON POST

Screen protection warning: Do not take a drink during this entry.

It was discovered that on Instagram Taylor Lorenz has granted herself a rather…exaggerated subtitle for herself. 

Picture a Watergate-era setting, where intrepid gumshoes are chasing down leads to find out specifically when to add the Nyquil to their Chicken Marsala for the latest “challenge.”

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