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Read The Poll Again Jack



Posted: Jul 24, 2022 9:57 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

It’s time for Americans to consider—with great sobriety—what happens to our nation as the eventual removal of *President Biden becomes a major focus.

We know this is underway because the writers at The New York Times and The Washington Post are now coming for him. 

Conservatives never believed he got 85 million votes. (This author would lay sizable odds that Barack Obama doesn’t believe it either.) Moderates are going broke with gas prices twice to three times what they were just two years ago. Blue collar Democrats are at odds with his severely misguided value system that lets boys into their daughters’ locker rooms. Liberals may be ok with that but can’t deal with the way crime has decimated their favorite blue cities. And Progressives think he hasn’t done enough to wreck the American system of meritocracy and excellence.

Nobody likes him.

The polls tell it all—and are likely not even telling the full story:

  • 64% of Democrats want him gone.

  • 81% of Hispanics disapprove of his job performance.

  • 99% of voters under 30 disapprove as well.

Last Tuesday on the White House lawn when asked about that 64% number amongst Democrats by a reporter calling out, he stopped, turned, and headed straight to the person who asked and barked at him to “Read the poll again Jack!”

Let’s face it, that’s the kind of reaction of someone with dementia, not the leader of the free world. Speaking of which—leaders of other states just laugh at him. His trip to the Middle East a prime example. The Israelis and the Saudis just sort of tolerated the puttering old man, who literally couldn’t put one foot in front of the other on a red carpet.

But if center right voters believe this will be something simple to deal with I’d encourage you to think clearly and remain vigilant. 

The left is in a bad situation, as they were in 2020, and that desperation is without question driving them to even more deceptive and deceitful outcomes.

What happens if the left decides to move on from Biden, understanding their goals are all tied to someone who is favorably viewed as the worst President of the modern era and possibly history? 

Kamala Harris has (believe it or not) proven herself to be even less likable, effective or even capable than her diminished boss. The left may control her but she’s a less viable figure than the guy who fell off his standing and stopped bicycle.

The entire ticket is just irredeemable for the Democrats. So what do they do? Republicans have seen 1,000,000 registered Democrats switch parties in just the last two years. Hispanic and black voters are trending Republican in historic numbers. And increasingly media pundits and writers are declaring the Republican Party as the ideological home of America’s working class voters.

So what kind of grand scheme is the left working on to cheat and keep their stranglehold on power as all of their traditional voting blocks evaporate?

Pushing for mail-in elections worked well for them in 2020. Thankfully several states have taken steps to eliminate mass mail in systems. Zuckerberg drop boxes have been banned. And in some states the abuse of power in the Executive branch has been denounced and declared illegal in courts.

So what’s left? The 25th Amendment? Installing Kamala, then dumping her for a VP to be named later? It’s not impossible. And the problem is they have two years to get it done.

The “experts” reading the room know that the people were awakened by the 2020 shenanigans. But the same people have been assaulted by the policies those shenanigans brought about. They know we are quickly losing any standing in the world. They know that we are being invaded on our southern border with human trafficking, fentanyl, and people who wish us ill. 

It’s inviting to think that taking back Congress this year would be a cake-walk. 

It won’t be.

And independent thinking, common sense, Americans best be on their guard for what is to come.

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