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Some Despicable Aspects of the Left

Books—many of them—have been written by people far smarter than I about the worst aspects of modern Leftism. So, in this article, I can only barely touch on a few of the depravities that irk me the most and are extremely damaging to all of mankind. Remember, this list could be extended almost indefinitely.

1. The Left judges previous generations by their current moral vision. As a historian, I find this to be particularly repulsive. I believe there do exist moral absolutes by which people of all generations can be assessed; some things are wrong, always have been wrong everywhere, and always will be wrong. But culture, tradition, and societal immaturity dictate behavior, too. History has shown what works and what doesn’t. But that isn’t the Left’s standard. Their moral values alter, repeatedly and constantly, and everybody alive today or dead for 1,000 years is judged by those subjective, constantly shifting criteria.

The Left is changing history and re-writing it to fit their norms simply because thousands of years of experience, wisdom, tradition, and truth disprove everything they hold dear. “Christopher Columbus was a mass murderer!” There is no attempt to understand the culture, history, and background of Renaissance Europe. He is just damned. Period. And this mindset justifies the Left’s total rejection of freedom and Western Civilization, to bring in socialism and godless totalitarianism. But that’s the point of all of it anyway. Destroy Western values to introduce those the Left wants to, subjectively, replace them with.  

2. They judge people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. They scream “racism” to high heaven at every imagined affront, but it is they who believe that black people, for example, cannot succeed unless borne along by the Left’s ideology. Put 50 brown illegals in Martha’s Vineyard, and they’ve got to go—NOW! They can stay in Florida and “pick crops.” The Left does nothing about the horrible black-on-black violence except incessantly crying “racism” when somebody points to it, simply because they believe that only they can help an inferior race anyway. Inferior to the liberals, at least. Blacks need affirmative action because of intrinsic societal “racism” and “white supremacy”. Black people can’t make it without the liberals’ carrying them along. If I were black, I would be insulted to the nth degree by this philosophy. It is also a lie, as millions of successful non-affirmative action blacks in the country and world have proven.

3. They deny true human nature, believing only in a naturalistic, materialistic universe without spirit. This is crucial, and I will elucidate further in a future article. But, because they are materialists in presupposition, they must logically deny free will. Molecules in motion have no will. Humans, because they thus have no true freedom of will, can be “programmed” to behave in certain pre-planned and “beneficial” ways. Hence, liberals are socialists, which denies human economic freedom. Without the Left’s guidance and central planning, the wasteful market economy would only produce chaos and destruction. “Capitalism” (economic freedom) is a great evil because no one can control a person who acts of their own volition. The materialistic, naturalistic aspect of today’s Left underpins everything they believe and is the major source of all their errors and failures. People are NOT automatons, and by treating them so, by thinking they (liberals) have the intelligence and wisdom to direct all of the human affairs, we end up with totalitarian governments and mass murderers. If you reject their control and disagree with them too strenuously, don’t be surprised if the FBI, KGB, CCP, or Gestapo show up at your front door. Without a warrant. Why do they need one of those? Their verbal fiat alone is sufficient to establish truth and law.

You are a robot. Obey your programmer.

4. As a consequence, especially of point 3 above, liberals believe the government (controlled by them, of course) can solve nearly every human and world conundrum. Including fixing the weather. This is hubris of unimaginable dimensions. They believe they have evolved to a higher stage of human development (Trotsky said they would), and everybody, but them, is wrong. And if you disagree with them, you’re not only in error, you are evil (as they define it, though “evil” cannot objectively exist without free will), and you are a deplorable, despicable sub-human, condemned by their perfect moral standard, which is ever-evolving, but never arriving. But, even as it is changing, it can be used to justify any barbarity they wish to commit and condemn everyone who has ever lived, even people in another time and culture who have been dead for hundreds or thousands of years. Even God (if they even believe in Him, which most of them don’t) is to submit and recognize the superior wisdom and knowledge of the Left. “God, you thought you created man and woman. But we are here to tell you that you didn’t do that…” Since there is no room for God in the modern Left’s view of the world, government becomes the final arbiter, the ultimate power source, the director, and the guide of all human affairs. And anyone who balks is to be mercilessly crushed.  

There is so much more to say here, but my space is limited. The Left has miserably failed mankind for almost 250 years now, and hundreds of millions of innocent human beings have suffered horribly because of it. We are as far away from their earthly “utopia” as ever. But, materialism is their religion, one they cannot and will not sacrifice, not for any price, including even the mutilation of children. This isn’t about a few differences in public policy. This is a war for the soul and life of every human being on earth. And they will not give up. It’s all they live for.  

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand. His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Eliva.com. His second book, River Bend, will be out soon. And check out his new blog at thailandlewis.blogspot.com.

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