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Texts between Hershel Walker’s abortion accuser and his wife revealed

Georgia Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker confirmed he knows the identity of the woman who claims the Republican paid for her abortion while their were dating more than a decade ago, after the woman texted with his wife, Julie Walker, on Friday.

The text message was the first time the woman, who is the mother of one of his four children, mentioned to him or his wife directly that she had had an abortion, Walker told NBC News. It marks the latest twist in a controversy in which Walker, who has fashioned himself as a pro-life candidate and critic of absentee fathers, that has rocked his campaign this week. Walker has denied paying for the woman’s abortion since her story claiming as much went public.


“The first I knew about any of this was when some reporter asked me about an abortion. And I’m like, ‘No, that’s a lie.’ And then I was asked if I paid for an abortion, and I said No. I did not pay for an abortion,” Walker told the outlet. “I’m not saying she did or didn’t have one. I’m saying I don’t know anything about that.”

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, asked Julie Walker whether she had been aware of the abortion, or that he allegedly pushed her to have a second abortion which she did not go through with two years later. The name of the living child was also not revealed.

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker campaigns in Emerson, Georgia.

(Bill Barrow/AP)

“Did you know Herschel paid for my abortion the first time? Or that he told me it wasn’t the ‘right time’ to have [current child]?” the woman wrote in the 9:54 a.m. text message to Julie Walker.

In response, Julie Walker said the message made her sad because she knew that her husband wanted a relationship with the child and their mother.

“This message makes me incredibly sad. You know I have continually tried to bridge a better relationship between you and Herschel putting [the child] first,” Julie Walker said. “I witness everyday Herschel pray for you and [child] and everyone in our family.”

Text messages provided to the next outlet by Walker’s campaign showed correspondence between the woman and Julie dating back to May, including discussion about the revelation of children Herschel Walker had not publicly acknowledged previously. These developments “pitted people against each other” in the family, Julie told NBC News, which noted that the other woman rarely corresponded directly with her son’s father despite his wife’s attempts at being a mediator. However, the woman did send supportive messages to Julie Walker ahead of the May 24 primaries, and a congratulatory message when Herschel was declared the GOP winner.

Walker’s campaign was rocked by a bombshell report earlier this week in which the woman claimed Walker, a former football star, encouraged and paid for her to have an abortion in 2009 when they were dating. He has adamantly denied the allegation, calling it a “flat-out” lie. The initial report cited Walker’s signature on a “get-well” card, a check, and receipts.

Walker said he did not recall giving the woman any money, but if he had then it would not be for an abortion.

“I don’t remember any card or check or anything. But I was dating her. I could have sent some money,” Walker told NBC News. “I could have sent a card. But not for the reasons she is saying.”


Walker is running to unseat Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), who has weathered allegations from his ex-wife that he ran over her foot with a vehicle during a domestic dispute. He and Walker have been locked in a competitive race that could determine the balance of power in the Senate.

A number of Republicans, including former President Donald Trump and Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), have rallied around Walker this week as the abortion allegations have come forth. But his adult son, Christian, whom the candidate had with his first wife, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, has levied hefty criticism against Walker.

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