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The Powers That Be Want To Keep You In A Constant State Of FEAR — Don’t Take The Bait

Submitted By ‘The Texian’

Isn’t interesting how the New World Order broadcasts worldwide, in shrill and desperate tones, the comical non-science-based fear campaign about the 99.8% survival rate (including ALL-cause mortality, no less) “COVID-19” (the common cold, altered to include lethal lipid nanoparticle containers ((which include things like Marburg)) and heart-stopping spike proteins, and yet a relatively miserable failure as a bioweapon) then demands on pain of unemployment or even arrest, that everyone take a death tech injection that is overtly killing and crippling people left and right, yet they simultaneously pretend to worry themselves silly about several thousand ‘heat-related (whatever that means) deaths and demand we stop farming/food production to save humanity—apparently starvation is no longer lethal?

And somehow they have the unprecedented heat waves and right-on-time droughts to back it all up, just like they now have belt-fed ‘pandemics’ to back up their mass-murder play?

HAARP. Coordinated effort.

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How do you fight back? Get involved at every level, starting at the lowest and working your way up: school board, county clerk, mayor, etc., and elect real leadership that is immune to corruption and fear. I was asked to attend a meeting just last night where some very smart Texans are about to rewrite school choice across the state, allowing parents to put their kids in the best schools, and the state money follows the child, rather than the ISDs controlling the cash and thusly the kids and thusly intentional-ignorance enslavement.

The New World Order are not faceless. They are not without names. They have residences and they are mere humans, just like all of us. They are identified. They are not all-powerful as they desperately hope to make you believe. They have giant vulnerabilities. They are weak. They are cruel and evil and it is time they were destroyed and Humanity is rid of their heinous plots and schemes and allegiance with pure Evil.

Very bad days are coming for the NWO. Fear nothing. Stay united. You do not fight alone. 🇺🇸

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