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The UFO That Terrorized Gulf Breeze Florida

Ed Walters, a local contractor and family man, allegedly began a long, strange
encounter with beings from another world on November 11, 1987

     In the late 1980s, the small town of
Gulf Breeze, Florida, became the epicenter of a series of strange and unexplained
sightings. People reported seeing strange lights and UFOs in the sky,
with a contractor named Ed Walters directly in the

middle of the action. These sightings quickly gained national attention, and the
Gulf Breeze UFO incident became one of the most well-known and controversial
cases of its kind.

This story of extraterrestrial intrigue has it all: aliens, hypnosis,
photographic evidence, and even a couple of bumbling UFO hunters.

But what really happened in Gulf Breeze, and is there any truth to the claims
made by Walters?

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