They Want To Harm Your Kids


The cultural Marxists in our nation have a craven desire to mutilate and destroy healthy children. They want to do so through any emotional, sexual, and psychological means at their disposal. They’ve gone mainstream with their strategy, and you may be your child’s last best chance.

Two years ago that opening paragraph may have read a bit inflammatory in a nation like America.

Don’t misunderstand the child abusers were already on the rampage, but they had not yet been given legitimacy of holding significant positions in a Presidential administration.

Having been granted such they have done everything they could to advance their agenda as fast as is humanly possible.

It’s in perfect keeping with their world view. Political movements that root their basis for existence in fifty years of sixty million dead babies are definitively inclined to not value the innocence and existence of children as sacred. 

They don’t even like having them. Think about the “media-ragers” since Dobbs: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. You don’t see children gathered around them. Nancy Pelosi even tried to elbow incoming Congresswoman Mayra Flores’ kid because the little girl was merely standing too close to her. 

So why would they think that parents should have any say over their children’s choices once they’re born? Warren doesn’t even want women who are pregnant to have factual information about what happens to women’s bodies and their children’s during the process of an abortion.

Children are pawns to Marxists. 

That point has become increasingly clear in the newly created “problem” of “gender identity.”

Since Marxism rejects all forms of believe in an objective God they believe that there is no higher purpose or flourishing designed for children. To them they are convenient cogs in the ever growing wielding of power that they lust for constantly.

When a father who very much loves kids, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, passed a law that bans the practice of allowing people your children don’t know to come to their classroom without your knowledge and discuss things you’d never allow them to discuss even in your presence. The Marxists went berserk. Claiming the law was phobic towards people who want to pretend to be a sex other than the one they were born as, they attempted to cancel Florida.

This last college season they lauded a male swimmer. He had competed quite inconsistently in the men’s division. Oddly once he “transitioned” (meaning: using women’s locker rooms, showers, and toilets,) he (*shockingly*) broke nearly every woman’s record in the sport. And know you weren’t seeing things, the unsightly bulge at the base of his suit were his male parts still intact.

When Joe Biden nominated Rachel Levine as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health you saw the impact immediately. Public School guidance issued insisted that public schools provide accommodation for children who are one sex to be allowed to use the locker rooms, showers, and toilets of the opposite sex.

Levine even talked *President Biden into issuing a video basically telling parents not to correct they children if they came home and wished to “be” a sex they weren’t born as. Levine has also caused the administration to adopt a platform of advocacy for children to “identify and transition” (even up to and including permanent surgery) if the child believes they want to.

Pretty much without even having a discussion the administration adopted the platform. They did so without any input from behavioral or mental health experts. They even insisted that puberty blocking drugs and surgery be made available at tax-payer expense, and as always, without parents permission.

They hold to this viewpoint even working against good medicine and science.

This month the Food and Drug Administration, after looking at a growing body of proof, have decided to put out warnings on puberty blocking drugs. The drugs had caused brain swelling, brain hemorrhages, nausea, severe headaches, double vision and in some cases even permanent vision loss.

Yet that matters not to the likes of Levine who want your child to be able to do whatever they “wish” regardless of the science of what’s healthy and good for them in the long run.

The Marxists want their form of belief being the morality baseline for how children should be handled.

Yet good parents know that you don’t give in to every psychotic whim your wee ones can come up with. 

Because they’re kids!

They don’t know how life works. They don’t know the emotions, depression, and lack of satisfaction such a decision will permanently leave on themselves.

And the Marxists honestly don’t care. They don’t care if the drugs hurt your child. They don’t care if the surgery irreparably alters your child’s ability to have children. They don’t care about the depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts that many who make the “transition” inescapably feel after the transition is complete.

They just don’t care. Your children (in their mind) are there to serve their own agenda.

And as a know it all, God fearing, parent you’re just getting in the way of their “progress.”

Shamefully, “Family courts” in blue states are beginning to also side the Marxists in their quest. 

Human behavioral experts have told me for years, “When children have any variety of disorders, the solution never includes giving into it.” (You don’t tell Anorexic girls to go ahead and starve themselves.)


You walk through that season with them, steadily, so that they can come to know the truth that sets them free.

Free from the death wish that Marxists seem wholly hell bent on giving them!