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Trans women who were born male must sign up for military draft

Transgender women who were born male are still required to sign up for the Selective Service in the event of a military draft.

The policy, which has already been in effect for some time, gained new attention after the Selective Service System issued a reminder for men between the ages of 18 and 25 to register for the service. “Parents, if your son is an only son and the last male in your family to carry the family name, he is still required to register with SSS,” the SSS said in a now-viral tweet sent on Friday.

Many of the comments reflected social commentary about changing views on gender, as well as remarks about the timing, as Russia’s war in Ukraine escalates. “Parents, we may kill your son and end your bloodline and family name for the sake of defending some irrelevant pile of sand in some godforsaken corner of the globe that holds no worth whatsoever to you or your family,” tweeted conservative commentator Matt Walsh, the man behind the What Is a Woman? documentary.

A transgender section on the SSS’s website, to which its tweet links, stressed that all biological males are required to sign up for the draft, and this applies to citizens or immigrants of the United States who were born male and had their gender changed to female.


For transgender men who were listed as female at the time of their birth, the SSS does not require them to register. People who have changed their gender to male are required to complete a Status Information Letter request form and provide a copy of their birth certificate to the SSS.

The Office of Personnel Management describes transgender people as those “whose gender identity and/or expression is different from the sex assigned to them at birth.”

In January 2021, shortly after President Joe Biden took office, the president signed an executive order allowing for all citizens to serve in the military. A 2016 study requested by the Department of Defense found that enabling transgender people to serve openly in the military would only have “a minimal impact on military readiness and healthcare costs,” according to a statement from the White House.


“The study also concluded that open transgender service has had no significant impact on operational effectiveness or unit cohesion in foreign militaries,” the statement read.

The Biden administration issued a statement in September that said it supports “the registration requirement for all citizens, which further ensures a military selective system that is fair and just.”

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