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Trinity UFO Crash Hoax – (Another) Smoking Gun

Illustration of Reme Baca & Jose Padilla Coming Upon a Crashed Flying Saucer (Trinity Hoax) - 1945

“… the “eyewitness” account that Reme Baca presented to Thomas J.
Carey—who audio-recorded it—was very different from
the UFO-crash story
that Baca and Padilla presented to the public less than one year later.

     Less than a year before going public with what
became the
Jacques Vallee-Paola Harris story
of the 1945 crash of an avocado-shaped UFO, Reme Baca was tape-recorded
peddling a very different story about a boyhood encounter that he and

Jose Padilla had with a very different sort of UFO: a tale of their discovery of
a classical flying saucer, crashed– in 1946. And that’s just the start.

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