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WATCH: Gretchen Whitmer rival Tudor Dixon says ‘single working women’ have a ‘lonely life’

Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon (R-MI) insinuated that “single working women” have lonely lives during a campaign event Friday afternoon.

Dixon, who faces incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) in the midterm elections next month, claimed Whitmer only supports families that look a certain way and that Whitmer’s dream for women was for them to be single and working.

“Families look all different ways. They’re the ones telling me that on a regular basis, but apparently, they’re refusing to see one dynamic here. A lot of people want to have families. This state, we don’t have support from the governor for families unless they look exactly the way she wants,” Dixon said in a video. “And you know what that looks like these days? Looks like single moms — no, not single moms. Single women working. That’s, like, her dream for women. Single women working. Last time I checked, that was a pretty lonely life.”


Dixon, who received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, said her comment was in reference to Whitmer’s vetoing of anti-abortion legislation in the state’s budget, including a cut in finances to crisis pregnancy centers, which allegedly attempt to dissuade young women from seeking abortions.

“I was referring to her removing funding for pregnant women who need safe housing. Why would you do that for our parents who need a safety net? Why would she say that she’s going to remove funding for those women? I think that’s pretty twisted,” Dixon told the Iosco County News Herald.

Although both women are married and have children, their views on abortion rights contrast. During a debate Thursday, Whitmer claimed she was supportive of Proposal 3, which would enshrine reproductive rights in Michigan’s Constitution. She has also filed a lawsuit seeking to block a 1931 law from going into effect that would ban abortions after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Dixon is in favor of the 1931 law and claimed abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, even rape and incest.


Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Dixon’s running mate Shane Hernandez joined Dixon at her event in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, on Friday. Dixon faces Whitmer during the midterm elections on Nov. 8. Thirty-six states are electing governors in November, including Texas, Florida, New York, and California.

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