Twenty-Four Elders of Andromeda

  Physical Characteristics 

‘Elders Elizolet and Arramann, the Key Speakers’ 

The elders of Andromeda, twelve women and
twelve men, are human celestial gods and goddesses.

They have an array of
skin tones. Some have hair and others are hairless.

 Universal Origin 

Callonus Planet of Beta Andromedae

The elders of Andromeda reside on Callonus Planet in
the great city of Beta Andromedae, also known as Merkabah Star Station

They are sovereign to twenty-four vast territories that monitor 144,000
territories, of which Earth and the Pleiades star clusters are a part. 

The Great
Star Station boasts a far-futuristic garden of star towers, portals connecting
to portals across the universe, a port of call for master teachers when visiting
the elders.

 Belief System 

divine consciousness

The elders of Andromeda are pure divine consciousness. 

They govern Living Light programs and distribute them to the Angelic Corp
to disperse throughout Creation and to younger sectors for new creations. 

They are the divine scribes of the Cosmic Law of One.

 Cosmic Agenda 

Galacterian Consciousness

The elders of Andromeda are the pinnacle of governing
bodies in the universe. 

They mentor ascended and created status master
teachers in all areas of life that pertain to their constellation or planetary

They are currently focused on Earth’s consciousness-raising
programs, and work closely with the Galacterian and Star Seed Alignments.


Space Universe Portals - Merkabah Vehicles

The elders of Andromeda travel in Merkabah vehicles. 

create a transport around themselves to either travel short distances or enter
star towers (space portals) to journey to other sectors of the universe. 

latter takes place in their great city of Beta Andromadae.

 Consciousness Abilities 

The Language of Light and Essence

The elders of Andromeda have avatar and solar

They speak the light essence language. 

Due to their elevated
spiritual stature, they use advanced telepathic channels known as coagular
wave bending to send messages across the universe, or through time
streams, unlike the regular limitations of telepathic distances.

 Dimensional Capacity 

Andromeda Elders Multi-Dimensional Travel

The elders of Andromeda are multi-dimensional. 

They are able to wear a dimensional layer like a garment.

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