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Will He or Won’t He



Posted: Aug 07, 2022 9:12 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

In the past three weeks I’m beginning to see a trend that I am quite sure is unhelpful. I also am not sure it can be avoided.

The debate that has only been whispered about is beginning to erupt in social media posts, syndicated columns, and green room back channel discussions. 

Should Donald J. Trump run again for President.

Folks at the Daily Wire, whose founder went hard against Trump in 2016, are already trying to tell the former President what to do, and making the assumption that he will ignore them. 

To be specific Matt Walsh wrote, “Trump can do the best thing for the country and get behind the next generation of conservative leaders, campaign for DeSantis and ensure victory in 2024, or he can try to regain power as he enters his 80s, shoving the younger generation to the sidelines. There is one right choice.”

He added: “DeSantis with Trump backing him, campaigning for him, and advising him would be absolutely unstoppable. But it requires Trump to swallow his ego and come to terms with the fact that he’s an elderly man who already had his shot. I really hope he’s able to do that, but I doubt it.” 

Days later a regular guest on my show, one who served in the Trump administration noted to me privately that she was starting to see and hear “a lot of noise” from the DeSantis people. I could tell from her inference that some who support the Florida Governor believe the Jan 6 Committee was having some minimal impact on Trump’s electability.

Literally the same day I have an on the record discussion with Kristin B. Tate (a regular contributor to my show—and proud to have her) who opined in her space at The Hill how “Trump” is a negative to both tickets: Jan 6 proving to be as effective as a dead cat bounce for the Democrats this primary cycle. But she also pondered Trump’s re-litigation of the 2020 election as unhelpful. Her bottom line point is to focus forward on policy.

I’ll also add here that my producers are being inundated with supporters of those whose names are listed as possible candidates in 2024 wanting to get their message out. 

With all of that as context let me state clearly what I see going forward.

  1. What Trump decides to do in 2024 is his choice exclusively to decide—unequivocally—end of statement. No former President ever accomplished so much in so little time. And no President has ever been maligned so badly for an all out attempt to make America the best she can possibly be. Period.

  2. His decision will likely rest on several factors. Chief among them: how effective “his people” are in 2022 as candidates and in ‘23 & ‘24 as office holders. There is no denying that Trump’s endorsement is golden in the primary cycle and with the nation struggling as bad as it is, a route in November would be unsurprising.

  3. The false equivalency of his age to his ability is a recycled talking point from Never-Trumpers in 2016. It should have nothing to do with 2024. Trump at 100 will probably be more fit and capable than the guy there now (and his cackling second.) 

  4. Most of America believes that at minimum there were manipulated circumstances surrounding the outcome of 2020 on one hand, or that it was outright stolen on the other. Many of the states where the election was decided are still themselves litigating the issue. Laws have been strengthened. Courts have called out the wrong doing. And voters have spoken loudly. Assuming a cleaner election can be had, Trump and those who voted for him in 2020 (the most votes ever cast for an incumbent President,) have been waiting for justice to be leveled. To Tate’s point it doesn’t convince the unconvinced for Trump to focus on it. (And to be fair I’m not convinced that he is.) But I see no reason for him to avoid it when a court or voters score a win in his favor either.

  5. Never Trump hid themselves underground the entire 2020 election cycle. Would be wise to resume the posture.

For what it’s worth Trump is doing for 2022 exactly what the country — and now the party that is his to shape — needs him to do. He is getting America First doctrine and people elected. 

There is a lot of ground to cover between now and the Presidential race of 2024. The former President, it seems to me, is smarter, more strategic, and more focused on real solutions than ever before. 

He’s not going to take advice from The Daily Wire, The Hill, or any other outlet. 

He has single handedly remade the Republican Party into a working man’s grassroots movement. His people in office now are winning battles for children in the class room, babies in the womb, gun owners in blue states. He fixed a disastrously broken economy once, he no doubt believes he can do it again. He would seal the border, back law enforcement, and bring political hostages home. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea would be on notice. And he will slap woke-ism out of the chain of command and reinforce the priority of our armed forces’ readiness for the worst.

Whether he’s up to these tasks or handing the blue-print to another candidate who embodies the same priorities is a decision he will make.

He’s earned the right.

America, will be the focus, and she’s never needed some one who unapologetically loves her more than she does right now!

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