WATCH: 1990s ‘Tough On Crime’ Joe Biden Juxtaposed With Hunter Smoking Crack Is BRUTAL


What Joe said back in the 90s doesn’t age well after the many, many Laptop From Hell videos of his son Hunter.

Then-Senator Joe Biden had all the answers on how to deal with the problem of the crack epidemic in the 1990s… except none of it seemed to apply to his own son.

The younger, more coherent Joe Biden’s solution was to toss people in jail and keep them there for years if they were in possession of even small amounts of the drug.

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Several videos that Joe’s degenerate son Hunter has collected on his laptop reveal that he would’ve fallen afoul of his dad’s 1994 Crime Bill that had harsher penalties for crack cocaine possession than for powdered cocaine.

Hunter appears to have used his laptop to keep a video diary of his depravities — like his sex sessions with prostitutes, all of his questionable foreign business deals, and he seems absolutely obsessed with recording himself smoking crack.

In his memoir, Hunter admits that he smoked crack quite regularly — even claiming that he was using the drug every 15 minutes at his lowest point. He admitted in a 2019 interview that he started dating his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, after a week-long crack binge.

Speaking of Hallie, here he is smoking crack while talking to her on the phone.

A newly-released video from the Laptop From Hell shows a naked Hunter smoking crack and drinking White Claw while in a sensory deprivation tank at a detox program that he convinced “The Big Guy” to pay for.

Sleazy Hunter Biden is seen filming himself smoking drugs and fondling himself inside a sensory deprivation tank – during a detox program funded by his dad Joe.

The president’s exhibitionist son, 52, is bathed in trippy green light as he floats naked on his back and plays with himself in the shocking cell phone video retrieved from his abandoned laptop.

He leaves briefly to grab a can of White Claw hard seltzer and what appears to be a crack pipe before taking several hits and staring wild-eyed into the camera as ambient music plays softly in the background.
Source: Daily Mail

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David Webb, a black conservative commentator, posted the side-by-side video last August and said it’s ridiculous that black people are defending Joe Biden who very clearly believes that it’s perfectly fine that black crack users get jail time while Hunter was coddled despite his constant crack use.

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