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WATCH: The View host rejects GOP ‘framing’ of inflation and immigration as top issues

During Tuesday’s episode of The View, host Sunny Hostin said she rejects “the framing that the issue here really is about immigration and that the issue is about inflation” ahead of the midterm elections. According to Hostin, abortion is going to decide which party holds the House and Senate.

Hostin explained that saying inflation and border security are top issues ahead of November is “Republican framing.”


“Really, the issue here is that the Republicans misjudged the abortion debate. They misjudged it, and it has serious traction in competitive races for the House and the Senate,” she added. “Republicans made a mistake, and I don’t think they’re going to be able to get back.”

Republican host Alyssa Farah Griffin didn’t share Hostin’s sentiment, explaining that despite illegal immigration being a top issue in many states along the southern border, the Biden administration is still not doing enough to combat it. “That is a vulnerability that they have, and they are not doing enough to address it.”

She further encouraged Democrats to focus on issues such as inflation and crime rather than abortion because “people’s ability to pay their bills, that’s what makes them vote. If they can’t afford their groceries, can’t afford to put gas in their tank, that’s going to send them out to vote.”

Host Sara Haines then wondered why it seems as though every administration in her lifetime has expressed that immigration is an issue, but none ever seems to make progress on it.

“They get in there saying they want to work on immigration, and no one talks about it. We all agree it’s a problem. What am I missing there?”

Hostin maintained that the administration is doing plenty to address immigration but that it might need to tweak its messaging.


Fellow host Ana Navarro took the opportunity to slam conservative outlets, which she says are trying to portray Vice President Kamala Harris as a “bumbling idiot.” She also agreed with Harris’s controversial recent statement on distributing hurricane aid based on equity, claiming “she’s right.”

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